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Book a Cambridge sailing dinghy trip and join in on a great day of dinghy sailing at Grafham Water on weekends in October, November, May, and June. Transport sets off from Harvey Court, West Road at 09:15hrs – aim to be there by 09:00hrs.

Some Trip Advice

If you book a trip, you can get cold while sailing, so bring warm clothes! Headgear is also useful in dinghies if you are not used to ducking under the boom. Non-slip footwear that can get wet is essential. A change of clothing, particularly trousers, can improve your quality of life after sailing. Food is not included in the day, so bring your own or else buy what you fancy from the Grafham catering service.
Safety: Inland waters can sometimes harbour infections. Although the Club has never experienced a problem at Grafham, it is good practice to cover any cuts with a waterproof adhesive dressing – and wash hands before eating.

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