This page lists the Honorary life Members and current Honorary Members of the Club – officers of other clubs and organisations with which the Club has a close and valued association. It also lists Club Trustees and Patrons – Alumni who have made an outstanding contribution to the Club.

Honorary Life Members

  • Prof. Ian Liddell (St Johns 1957) – Former President
  • Prof. Malcolm Mackley (Robinson 1979) – Former Senior Treasurer and Trustee
  • Tom Ridgman (Wolfson 1997) – Former Senior Treasurer

Current Honorary Members

  • Peter Saxton, President of the British Universities Sailing Association
  • Mike Edwards, Commodore of Grafham Water SC

Club Trustees

The main role of trustees is to guard the Club’s constitutional objective to: “provide education to Students (particularly Students at Cambridge University) in and to encourage their participation in the sport of sailing whether competitive or non-competitive and in any one or more of its forms which shall include yachting, windsurfing, dinghy sailing, kitesurfing and any other form of the sport”.

  • Patrick Gifford (Magdalene 1963)
  • Julia Gore-Randall (née Rennie, Pembroke 2004)
  • Eddie Lister (née Glennie, Caius 2005)
  • Jo Sammons (née Lucas, Caius 2003)

Club Patrons

(Alumni Supporters who have made an outstanding contribution to the success of the Club with gifts or in other ways. The General Committee gratefully recognises their special involvement, and the generous past support of a cloud of Members no longer with us.)

  • Peter Bainbridge (Sidney Sussex 1960)
  • Anthony Butler (Clare 1961)
  • Dave Chadwick (St Johns 1981)
  • Stacey Clark (Downing 1980)
  • Megan Clay (née Burrough, Pembroke 2004)
  • Ian Cox (Clare 1950)
  • Roger Douglas (Emmanuel 1993)
  • John Evans (Christs 1956)
  • Josh Flack (Emmanuel 2010)
  • Oliver Garside (St Catharines 1984)
  • Tim Gratton (St Catharines 2013)
  • Sian Goodman (née Maddock, Kings 1989)
  • Andrew Green (Magdalene 1956)
  • Prof Andrew Hattersley (Emmanuel 1978)
  • Mike Hayles (Churchill 1962)
  • Arthur Henderson (Robinson 2011)
  • Will Henderson (Trinity 1973)
  • Jeremy Johnson (Christs 1988)
  • Andrew Kennon (Jesus 1974)
  • Rona Lamey (née Bassett, Newnham 1961)
  • Graham Latham (Selwyn 1977)
  • Antony Lewis (Caius 2001)
  • Nigel (St Johns 1990) & Anita (née Campion, St Catharines 1989) Masding
  • Jamie (Pembroke 1994) & Jo (née Sutcliffe, Emmanuel 1996) McEwen
  • Tim Palmer (St Catharines 2011)
  • Barry Parkin (Downing 1982)
  • Lord Francis Phillimore (Trinity 1964)
  • Amir Shamsuddin (Christs 1999)
  • Steve Smith (Magdalene 1978)
  • Mark Struckett (Selwyn 1976)
  • Matt Thomas (Emmanuel 1991)
  • John Thornton (Trinity Hall 1963)
  • Jeremy Vines (Emmanuel 1958)
  • Roy Williams (Caius 1962)

(A year of matriculation in bold italics in the lists above indicates that the person concerned came to Cambridge after completing four or more years of post-school study, work, or experience elsewhere.)

Photo of Beige team
Beige, the fourth mixed Cambridge team, makes its debut at the 2017 Brummie Bender