Cam Cup Winners

The Cam Cup

Introduction to Cam Cup Team Racing

This page lists Cambridge Cam Cup team racing winners from the first event in 1999 until the present time. The Cam Cup is a team racing event held each year in late February or early March (the cup is engraved as: ‘The Cambridge Cup’). Entry is by invitation only, to the best alumni and university teams in the country.

Some History

The event was started in 1999 on the initiative of Jo Sutcliffe (now McEwen, Emmanuel 1996). The cup, lost in the early 2000s but fortunately re-discovered, was resourced from the Club’s store of redundant trophies. The first event set the style for the current competition, with lots of round-robin races followed by knock-out semi-final and final, although only a single on-the-water umpire was in operation at the 1999 event!

Data Details

The code ‘RR’ in the ‘Score’ column of the results table below indicates that the winner was decided on the round-robin league results because final knock-out rounds were not held. All the years listed below are calendar years.

2021 (20th Event)
2020Cancelled (COVID-19)
2019Cambridge BlueRR
2018Cancelled (Freezing weather)
2017Royal Thames Blue2-0
2016West Kirby2-0
2015Oxford BlueRR
2014Itchenor Sonicboom2-1
2013Royal Forth HoosiersRR
2012Wessex ExemptRR
2011Spinnaker AuspiciousRR
2010West Kirby2-0
2009Tabby Cats2-1
2006West Kirby Hawks
2005Cambridge 20002-1
2004Friendly event (No winner)
2003Cambridge 90’s
2002Not sailed
2001Cambridge 90’s
2000O&CSS (Cam 90’s)