List of Club Trophies Competed for Since 1899

Kiel 1938 Regatta Prize

As well as the Cambridge sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing trophies listed here, the Club also has some trophies won, and artefacts acquired, over the years. The most notable is the Marine Hitler Jugend (Youth) plate won at Kiel in 1938 by J F Paxton and Brian D’Arcy-Irvine.   (Links that follow are to web pages giving more information about the person concerned.)   A CUCrC team of Stewart Morris, J F Paxton (Seniors) and Brian D’Arcy-Irvine, John Blewitt, Michael Ellison, Keith George (Juniors) took part in the event.

Ellison (1st) and Blewitt (3rd) won the team event (actually an inter-club fleet race) by beating three other teams, including a Hitler Youth team. The ‘Youth’ plate is a trophy that Paxton and D’Arcy-Irvine won for 2nd best foreign team later in the week. The trophy has a dent because Stewart Morris dropped it during its presentation as a protest against fascism.

Additional History

All these items are the responsibility of the Club Trophy Trustee. The ‘Inland Regatta’ mentioned below was a day long event in May Week, held 1899-1978. The last Regatta of which there is a record was held in 1977 at Hunts SC. The ‘Marine Meeting’ was a week-long event held at some coastal location at the end of June – before the Varsity Match – from 1903 until 1966. The last Marine Meetings were held on Osea Island on the River Blackwater in 1977 and 1978.

Before the days of structured RYA dinghy training, members were classed as experienced (‘A’), somewhat experienced (‘B’), and inexperienced (‘C’). Class ‘A’ sailed with and instructed Class ‘C’; Class ‘B’ members sailed together. This is what has given rise to the letter designations in the lists that follow. Use the three links below to access the list you are interested in.

An excellent history of the Tozer Cup by David Knight is available on this website. This is a large (18Mb) PDF file, but it contains a good many interesting photographs, so it is worth waiting for the download. Page 11 contains an account of the Anglo-Swiss team racing on Lake Thun in 1939 (won), and Page 14 an account of Iain Macdonald-Smith’s Gold Medal win in the 1968 Olympics.

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Trophies in Competition

Yule Oldham (Varsity) CupFor the annual team racing match with Oxford University YCPresented by Henry Yule Oldhamin 1928 (the previous trophy, the Spender Cup, having been lost).A fine silver cup
O&CSS 75th Anniversary Ladies SalverFor the annual ladies team racing match with Oxford University YCPresented by the Oxford & Cambridge Sailing Societyin 2009 on the occasion of the Society’s 75th Anniversary.A fine silver salver
Paul Cox Windsurfing TrophyFor the annual windsurfing match with Oxford UniversityConstructed by Chris Addison and presented for competition in 2005. Renamed in 2013 in memory of Paul Cox, an Oxford windsurfer who competed in the Varsity Match of 2005 and died a few years after going down.A piece of driftwood mounted with two brass windsurfers
Jubilee TankardFor the second team in the annual windsurfing Varsity MatchInstituted 1955 for Saturday races in Class ‘A’. Re-purposed for windsurfing in 2016.A pewter tankard
George Cockshott Cup (AKA Eurynome BowlFor a match racing Varsity MatchPresented by George Cockshottin 1950 for a novices race at the Marine Meeting. Re-purposed for match racing in 2014 and a plinth added in 2015 to record winners.A fine silver cup won originally by George Cockshott in his yacht ‘Eurynome’ in 1903
Challenge CupFor the second team in the match racing Varsity MatchPresented in 1965-66 by the Undergraduate Officers and Committee for a Michaelmas Term Club Championship (also called St Ives Week). Re-purposed in 2014 for match racing and a plinth added in 2019 to record winners.A small EPNS cup
Queenborough CupOn loan to CUYC for the yachting Varsity MatchPresented by the Royal Thames YCin 1950 and used in indeterminate ways until 2004, when it was re-purposed for yachting. The ‘2004’ Varsity Match actually took place in Nov 2003.A fine large silver cup, plinth missing
Cambridge (Cam) CupFor the Lent Term invitation team racing eventPresented by Stewart Morrisand G C Tozer in 1933 as the Morris Cruising Goblet for the best cruising log of the year. Re-purposed for team racing in 1999.A a fine silver chalice with engraved burgee, lost in 2000 and recovered in 2013
Yule Oldham (Cuppers) CupFor Team Racing CuppersPresented by Henry Yule Oldhamin 1924.A fine silver cup
Royal Harwich YC Swordfish TankardFor Team Racing Cuppers (Silver Fleet)Won by Club members in 1948. Re-purposed for Cuppers in 2016.A pewter tankard
Brindly CupFor Windsurfing CuppersA fine cup presented by H H Brindley in 1956 for a single-handed race at the Marine Meeting. Re-purposed for Cuppers in 2013.First won by H H Brindly in a single-handed race at the 1909 Marine Meeting held at Poole
Monthly Challenge Cup Class ‘C’For Windsurfing Cuppers (Silver Fleet)Instituted 1955 for fleet racing. Re-purposed for Cuppers in 2016.A pewter tankard

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Trophies Held in Reserve

Gosnell CupFor an annual new members racePresented in 1939 by Mrs Gosnell in memory of her husband Ralph Gosnell, Vice Commodore 1923-25 and 1936-39.A fine silver rose bowl and wooden plinth, originally won outright (three consecutive victories) by Ralph Gosnell in his 5 Rater at Tamesis SC in 1902
Tozer CupFor a weekly series of races in Class ‘A’Presented by G C Tozer in 1929.A fine silver tankard by a noted silversmith of the time. Lost in the 1970’s and returned in 2004.
Hounsell-Dammers ClockFor a single-handed series at the Marine MeetingPresented by B F Hounsell-Dammers in 1924. Previously the trophy for the series had been an annual ‘Presidents Cup’.Mechanism needs repair
Saturday Points CupsFor Classes ‘B’ and ‘C’Instituted in 1955.Pewter tankards

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Trophies Lost

Simpson-Channel-Winter CupFor a single-handed match race at the Inland Regatta between the winners of the Clover and Lightning CupsPresented in 1899 by Evelyn Simpson, Commodore 1899-1903. Won outright (three consecutive victories) in 1902 by A W Channel, Vice Commodore 1903-04, who re-presented it as the Channel Cup. Won outright again in 1935 by J K Winter, Rear Commodore 1933-34, who re-presented it as the Winter Cup.A fine, large silver cup, stolen in a major burglary at the family home of the holder Bruce Burnett in the summer of 1978
Lightning CupOpen to Junior Members for single-handed sailing at the Inland RegattaPresented by J K Winter in 1935.A nice silver cup, stolen in a major burglary at the family home of the holder Bruce Burnett in the summer of 1978
Clover CupOpen to Senior Members for single-handed sailing at the Inland RegattaPresented by Stewart Morrisin 1933.A a fine silver chalice with engraved burgee
Lowles CupsFor helmsman and crew in a double-handed series at the Marine MeetingPresented by Sir Geoffrey Lowles in 1955. From 1903 the trophies had been annual ‘Commodores and Vice Commodores Cups’; from 1925 the ‘Vice Commodores Silver Bollard Inkstands’ (lost in the early 1950s).Rather ornate cups
Bill Smith TrophyFor new members who have not raced before joining the ClubPresented in 1952 by Mrs Smith in memory of her son W E Smith.Aneroid barometer
Leaf CupFor weekly races in Class ‘B’Presented by Charles S Leafin 1929.A tankard
Hayward-Coles TankardFor weekly races in Class ‘C’Presented by G W Hayward and R R Coles in 1950.A tankard
Monthly Challenge CupsFor monthly racesInstituted in 1955 (Classes ‘A’ and ‘B’).Pewter tankards
Coffee Drinkers CupFor mixed double-handed sailing at the Inland RegattaInstituted in 1959.A pewter tankard
Cruising CupFor the best ‘student’ cruising log of the yearInstituted in 1926 for competition amongst members who had matriculated less than 6 years previously.Only the plinth remains

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Sir Geoffrey Lowles (Of Lost Lowles Cups)

Sir Geoffrey Lowles played a significant role in Itchenor SC at the time of the possible merger with the Royal Corinthian YC in 1937. He went on to purchase the first four Fireflies produced by Fairy Marine (Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum), and remained active in the Itchenor club throughout his life.

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