Historic Videos

Introduction to Historic CUCrC Videos

This page displays a selection of historic CUCrC videos. The first short clip is of the 1928 Varsity Match at Weymouth, which Cambridge won 38½-25½. That victory initiated a series of six successive wins for Cambridge – in the times of Stewart Morris, Peter Scott, and John Winter.Pathé News announce the event as the 8th Varsity Match, but it was in fact the 12th match. There were three matches in 1912-14 before the 1st World War, and the fixture re-started in 1920 at Oulton Broad.The second clip is of the combined Oxford Cambridge Windsurfing trip to Dahab, Christmas 2009. The Varsity Match was held there, with Oxford winning. (When playing any video, ‘mouse-over’ it to get back the control bar.)

1928 Team Racing Varsity Match

This two-minute clip was produced by editing a five-minute Pathé News clip that contained quite a lot of repetitive material. Some of the original audio comments were inaccurate, so the clip incorporates a new commentary. This new commentary incorrectly states that the order of appearance of the teams is not known, and that there is a minder in each boat.The correct situation is that the Oxford team appears first (names unknown) and Cambridge second (G C Tozer, F P Usborne, O A Jones, P A Tritton, P M Munroe, S H Morris). The racing was two boats a side and three undergraduates crewed in each of the two boats – taking their turn at helming over the six races. In 1930 the match standardised on three boats a side. In 1937 the ‘9¼, 8, etc.’ points system was adopted, later replaced by the modern ‘low points’ system. From 1961 races won rather than overall points have decided the result.

2009 Windsurfing Trip to Egypt

Please overlook the somewhat dated credits at the end.