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Book a Taster of Cambridge Sailing or Windsurfing

(If no booking display appears at the bottom of this page, taster sessions are over for this academic year or are not yet scheduled.)

Book a taster of Cambridge sailing or windsurfing. Whether you are a complete novice or have some previous experience, you will enjoy one of these half-day sessions at the start of the Michaelmas Term. You will also get a good idea of what sailing and windsurfing are like at Cambridge. If you are an experienced windsurfer, please get in touch – we can only offer windsurfing tasters if we have three or four enthusiasts. If you are a Postdoc we can only accept your booking if you have a car – see our membership page for a full explanation.

So come along, meet current members and sail in our Fireflies or use our windsurfing kit. We will have experienced members on hand to instruct and ensure an enjoyable experience if you are new to either of the sports. The session cost is £16 – this includes £10 for half-day membership plus transport costs. If you decide you want to do more you can join the Club for a discounted £40 annual membership (normally £50).

The sessions take place at Grafham Water Sailing Club (40mins drive from Cambridge). Food is not included, so bring your own or else buy what you fancy from the Grafham catering service.

If you feel unwell on the day or believe you are developing coronavirus symptoms, do not attend the session. We will give you an immediate refund – apply to the Junior Treasurer whose email address is on the Club Officers page. The sessions involve travelling to Grafham Water in a car with others and, if you are in a sailing dinghy, being at an allowable but closer separation than the recommended 2m.

Transport Details

  • For morning sessions, meet at Harvey Court, West Road at 08:55hrs – transport will depart for Grafham at 09:00hrs sharp. You will return to Harvey Court at a around 12:45hrs.
  • For afternoon sessions, meet at Harvey Court, West Road at 12:55hrs – transport will depart for Grafham at 13:00hrs sharp. You will return to Harvey Court at around 17:30hrs.

Some Taster Advice

You can get cold while dinghy sailing, so bring warm clothes! Headgear is important if you are not used to ducking under a dinghy boom. Non-slip footwear that can get wet is essential. A change of clothing, particularly trousers, can improve your quality of life after sailing.

If you are windsurfing you will be wearing a wetsuit, but something for your feet is highly desirable (old trainers, etc.). We have some wetsuits and buoyancy aids available, though if you have your own please bring them with you!

Safety: Inland waters can sometimes harbour infections. Although the Club has never experienced such a problem at Grafham, it is good practice to cover any cuts with a waterproof adhesive dressing and wash hands before eating.   Also, as mentioned above, watch out for the dinghy boom, which is a major source of head injuries that are at best unpleasant, if not life threatening.

If you are a registered student of Cambridge University and have submitted your CRSid to us, you are covered by personal accident insurance while participating in a Taster session. Although we have never had an accident in the last 10 years, if you are a postdoc or a student of another institution you would be wise to ascertain what personal accident cover you have when taking part in sporting activities and associated travel.

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Click on one of the ‘Buy Now’ buttons below to book for the session you want and you will be taken straight to a Checkout page. If no photos appear, tasters are over for the academic year or are not yet scheduled. If a button is missing it means the session is full.

At checkout you will be asked to confirm your acceptance of the Club’s participation and membership requirements, if you have not already done so. You will be a Day Member for your session.  N.B. booking for someone else is not permitted.