Varsity Teams

Windsurfing Varsity Introduction

This page records the list of Cambridge windsurfing varsity teams from the inception of the Oxford-Cambridge match in 1982 until the current day. After the first three matches in 1982-84, the fixture did not become regular until 1990. Names of team members and college affiliations, plus the format of the match, are often missing in earlier years, but are recorded consistently from 2012. The Club has made an annual deposit of teams and season’s results (the Commodore’s Report) in the University archives since that year.

In 2016 a Second Team (non-Blues) match was initiated, first won by Cambridge. The First (Blues) Team is listed first in each year below. We plan to fill in gaps using Blues Committee records when these become available.

Data Details

The bare outcome of the match is recorded here for convenience; the location of, and score for, each match is recorded on the O&CSS website. That makes this detailed information available to both Universities.

Who Gets a Blue

Cambridge Half Blue status was awarded in 1997. Currently Half Blues can be awarded to not more than 2 men who have sailed in the Windsurfing Varsity Match, at the Captain’s discretion. Half Blues can be awarded to not more than 2 women if they finish in the top two Cambridge positions in a Varsity Match race, participate in BUCS/SWA and two other SWA events, and can execute a carve gybe. Oxford windsurfers currently do not get Half Blues.


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Windsurfing 1st and 2nd Teams from 2016 to date. Captain first, other names alphabetic. The outcome is shown as W/L, etc. beneath the year – the first letter being the Blues match outcome and the 2nd letter the 2nds match outcome.

YearName and College (Capt)Name and CollegeName and College
2020Not sailed (No Cambridge captain)
2019Not sailed (No Oxford team)
2018David Fischer (Girton-Capt)Helen White (Emmanuel)
L/LMaddy Green (Murray Ed-Capt)Sipke Shaughnessy (St Johns)
2017Helen White (Emmanuel-Capt)Chris Watts (St Catharines)Horatio Cox (Sidney Sussex)
W/LMaddy Green (Murray Ed-Capt)David Fischer (Girton)Adam Heath (Trinity)
2016Ben Lawrence (Caius-Capt)Tom Edwards (Jesus)Torben Heinsohn (Caius)
W/WHelen White (Emmanuel-Capt)Thomas Brouwer (Homerton)Millie Mitchell (Clare)

Windsurfing Teams in 2015 and earlier. Format of matches has varied. Captain first, other names alphabetic – except 1982 where lines are 1st and 2nd trios.

YearName and CollegeName and CollegeName and College
2015Laurel Townsend (Sidney Sx-Capt)George Cooper (Sidney Sussex)Jorn Emborg (Clare)
TieBen Lawrence (Caius)Tom Lawson (Sidney Sussex)Hal Miller (Emmanuel)
2014Jack Tawney (Pembroke-Capt)George Cooper (Sidney Sussex)Tom Edwards (Jesus)
WonEmily Guest (Girton)Hal Miller (Emmanuel)Laurel Townsend (Sidney Sussex)
2013Jack Tawney (Pembroke-Capt)Philippe Ayache (Sidney Sussex)Pete Bunch (Pembroke)
LostTom Edwards (Jesus)Emily Guest (Girton)Zephyr Penoyre (Trinity Hall)
2012Aidan Hopkins (Emmanuel-Capt)Honor Fell (Newnham)Zephyr Penoyre (Trinity Hall)
WonSander Probyn (Girton)Jack Tawney (Pembroke)David Williams (Robinson)
1983No team records until 2012
1982Dave Bishop (Capt)Pete SumnerJim Campbell
TieGraham ToppChris von BrummenNick Hurst

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