Cuppers Winners

The Brindley (Cuppers) Cup

Windsurfing Cuppers History

This page lists Cambridge windsurfing Cuppers winners. Cuppers is an annual inter-college competition held in a great many Oxford and Cambridge sports. The first windsurfing Cuppers took place in the 1990’s. The exact year is not known and records of early winners have been lost. The Club re-started the event in 2013 and the Brindley Cup is awarded to the winner. Results since then are listed here, along with one known historic result


Since 2017 the 1955 Monthly ‘C’ Class Challenge Tankard has been awarded to the Silver Fleet winner (a competition between those knocked out in the first round of the event). All the years listed below are calendar years. Help in establishing missing results would be much appreciated.

Year Cuppers Winner Score Silver Fleet Winner
2022 Fitzwilliam 1 (Single race) St Johns
2021 Trinity 1 (Single race) Fitzwilliam
2019 Cancelled due to lack of interest Cancelled due to lack of interest
2018 Emmanuel 1-0 Murray Edwards
2017 Emmanuel 1-0 Robinson
2016 Sidney Sussex 1-0
2015 Caius
2014 Pembroke
2013 Pembroke
2007 Trinity Hall