Open Varsity Teams

Open Varsity Team Racing Introduction

This page records the full list of Cambridge sailing varsity teams from the inception of the Oxford-Cambridge match in 1912 until the current day. The first encounter in 1912 was the best of three match races, but the name of the helmsman in each race, crewed by one of the other helms, is recorded here for convenience. The captain of the team for that first match was the later-to-be famous and knighted Sir Geoffrey Taylor – Wikipedia who invented the CQR anchor and was president of the Club 1946-60. With the exception of the years 1984 and 1990, the team was men only until an open format (i.e. both men and women) was agreed in 2000.

Who Gets a Blue (Men)

(See Womens Varsity Teams page for Women)

Current arrangements for awarding Colours and Blues to male Open Team members are as follows (updated 20 Nov 2019).
Club Colours: Sails in the Varsity Match but not on a team that qualified for the (open) BUCS/BUSA Team Racing Championship Finals.
Half Blue: Sails in the Varsity Match and on a team that qualified for the (open) BUCS/BUSA Team Racing Championship Finals.
Full Blue: Sails in the Varsity Match and on a team reaching the last 8 of the (open) BUCS/BUSA Team Racing Championship Finals.

Data Acquisition

We have used best endeavours from participants’ memories and research in the Club’s archives to construct teams for the years of 1978 to 2011. Since 2012 the Club has made an annual deposit of full team details and all the season’s results (the Commodore’s Report) in the archives of the Clubat the University Library. The current Commodore’s Report is also available online.

Data Details

The bare outcome of the match is recorded here for convenience. The location of, and score for, each match is recorded on the O&CSS website – so that this detailed information is available to both Universities.   Cambridge Womens teams are listed separately on this site.


Use the ‘Leave a Reply’ function at the bottom of the page to submit any comments you wish to make – or supply corrections and missing information.

Open teams from 2012 to date. Earlier teams are in subsequent sections.

Year Name and College (1st Helm) Name and College (2nd Helm) Name and College (Crew)
2022 Ewan Gribbin (Caius-Capt) Jake Scott (Clare) Olivia Jacklin (St Catharines)
Won Olly Perkins (Robinson) Gordon Cogan Sivarajan (Robinson) Molly Desorgher (Jesus)
  Juliette Kennedy (Robinson) Robbie McDonald (Caius Ollie Dennis (Jesus)
2021 Ewan Gribbin (Caius) & Liv Jacklin (St Catharines-Capt) Jake Scott  (Clare) & Tom Kosteletos (Pembroke) The match was once again sailed in Fireflies at Farmoor (COVID).
Won Juliette Kennedy (Robinson) & Ollie Dennis (Jesus) Gordon Sivarajan (Robinson) & Molly Desorgher (Jesus) Separate 1st and 2nd string teams were therefore fielded.
  Adam Rathmell (Caius) & Mattis Prince (Trinity) Matt Sterett (St Edmunds) & Paul McMeekin  (Queens) Helms & crews are shown together to the left of this column.
2020 Robbie King (Emmanuel-Capt) & Bethan Matthew (St Catharines) Ewan Gribbin (Caius) & Freddie Scott (Fitzwilliam) The match was sailed in Fireflies at Farmoor (COVID).
Won Jamie Webb (Caius) & Liv Jacklin (St Catharines) Milo Gill-Taylor (St Catharines) & Megan Redhead (Fitzwilliam) Separate 1st and 2nd string teams were therefore fielded.
  Adam Rathmell (Caius) & Ollie Jagger (Clare) Callum Farnden (Trinity) & Hugh Tomkins (Queens) Helms & crews are shown together to the left of this column.
2019 Robbie King (Emmanuel) Henry Morley (Christs) Hugh Tomkins (Queens)
Won Alex Smallwood (Sidney Sussex) Alex Baxter (Magdalene) Michael Smith (St Johns)
  Jamie Webb (Caius) Paris Thomas (Magdalene-Capt) Ollie Jagger (Clare)
2018 Henry Morley (Christs) Alex Smallwood (Sidney Sussex) George Hopes (Corpus Christi)
Won Robbie King (Emmanuel) Paris Thomas (Magdalene-Acting Capt) Ollie Jagger (Clare)
  Greg Sale (Jesus) Jamie Webb (Caius) Michael Smith (St Johns)
2017 James Pinder (Robinson-Capt) Thomas Mather (St Catharines) Dave Robertson (Jesus)
Won Tim Gratton (St Catharines) Duncan Hampshire (St Catz) George Hopes (Corpus Christi)
  Henry Morley (St Johns) Josh Adams (Christs) Jamie Webb (Caius)
2016 Tim Gratton (St Catharines-Capt) James Pinder (Robinson) Paris Thomas (Magdalene)
Won Chris Eames (Selwyn) Hugo Sloper (Selwyn) George Hopes (Corpus Christi)
  Robbie Gilmore (Magdalene) Bryan Ormond (Pembroke) Jamie Webb (Caius)
2015 Tim Gratton (St Catharines-Capt) Hugo Sloper (Selwyn) John Farley (Girton)
Won Josh Flack (Emmanuel) Chris Eames (Selwyn) Josh Adams (Christs)
  Arthur Henderson (Robinson) Robbie Gilmore (Magdalene) Bryan Ormond (Pembroke)
2014 Arthur Henderson (Robinson-Capt) Bryan Ormond (Pembroke) Tom Maxwell (Downing)
Won Josh Flack (Emmanuel) Will Reid (Queens) Robbie Gilmore (Magdalene)
  Tim Gratton (St Catharines) Chris Young (Homerton) Hugo Sloper (Selwyn)
2013 Josh Flack (Emmanuel-Capt) Tim Palmer (St Catharines) Ali Ghareeb (Sidney Sussex)
Won Fiona Hampshire (St Catharines) Will Reid (Queens) Chris Chasty (Caius)
  Arthur Henderson (Robinson) Bryan Ormond (Pembroke) Sarah Lombard (Downing)
2012 Fiona Hampshire (St Catz-Capt) Arthur Henderson (Robinson) Honor Fell (Newnham)
Lost Josh Flack (Emmanuel) Sarah Hughes (Queens) Felix Danczak (Homerton)
  Will Kalderon (Emmanuel) Lilly Carlisle (Newnham) Tim Palmer (St Catharines)

Nine-man teams in 2011 and earlier. Captain first, other names alphabetic except where the year is underlined with asterisks on the next row. In such instances the first column is the 1st helms, the second column is the 2nd helms, and the third column is the crews. There was one women crew in 1984 and 1990, then agreed open teams from 2000 onwards. College is occasionally missing in the years 1998 to 2008.

Year Name and College Name and College Name and College
2011 Peter Dannatt (St Johns-Capt) Pete Bunch (Pembroke) Felix Danczak (Homerton)
**** Greg Hall (Caius) Fiona Hampshire (St Catharines) Clair Brunner (Jesus)
Lost Henry Maxfield (Trinity Hall) Will Kalderon (Emmanuel) Max Darke St (Johns)
2010 Greg Hall (Caius) Henry Maxfield (Trinity Hall) Felix Danczak (Homerton-Capt)
**** Pete Bunch (Pembroke) Will Kalderon (Emmanuel) Peter Wathen (Jesus)
Won Pete Dannatt (St Johns) Andrew Lewis (St Catharines) Max Darke (St Johns)
2009 Eddie Glennie (Caius-Capt) Pete Bunch (Pembroke) Pete Dannatt (St Johns)
Lost Felix Danzcak (Homerton) Jamie Dove (Robinson) Greg Hall (Caius)
  David Marlow (Jesus) Fi Parkinson (Caius) Simon Wood (Jesus)
2008 Pete Bunch (Pembroke-Capt) Pete Dannatt (St Johns) Rachel Wigmore (NH/ME)
Lost Jamie Dove (Robinson) Eddie Glennie (Caius) Greg Hall (Caius)
  Tom Heywood (St Johns) Lissie Lockwood (St Johns) Tom Smedley (St Johns)
2007 Tom Heywood (St Johns-Capt) Pete Bunch (St Catharines) Bethan Carden (Trinity Hall)
Won Jamie Dove (Robinson) David Marlow (Jesus) Jonathon Pinner (Trinity Hall)
  Tom Smedley (St Johns) Rachel Wigmore (NH/ME) Simon Wood (Jesus)
2006 Rachel Wigmore (NH/ME) Sam Carter (Wolfson) Ben Lister (Christs-Capt)
*** Tom Heywood (St Johns) Tom Smedley (St Johns) Megan Burrough (Pembroke)
Won Jon Pinner (Trinity Hall) Laurie Fitzjohn-Sykes (Selwyn) ?
2005 Jon Pinner (Trinity Hall-Capt) Ed Clay (St Johns) Peter Davidson (Christs)
Won Tom Heywood (St Johns) Ben Lister (Christs) Robbie McDonald (Caius)
  Tim Musker (Christs) Malcolm Parry (Downing) Rob Style (St Catharines)
2004 Ed Clay (St Johns-Capt) Peter Davison (Christs) Antony Lewis (Caius)
Won Ben Lister (Christs) Robbie McDonald (Caius) Tim Musker (Christs)
  Malcolm Parry (Downing) Jon Pinner (Trinity Hall) Rob Style (St Catharines)
2003 Jamie Reid (Selwyn-Capt) Helen Mayhew (Trinity) Ed Clay (St Johns)
Lost Matthew Findlay (Sidney Sussex) Peter Davidson (Christs) Antony Lewis (Caius)
  George Harston (St Catharines) Thomas Finch (Caius) Wendy Carlin (Magdalene)
2002 Alastair Rose (Fitwilliam-Capt) Rachel Franks (Selwyn) George Harston (St Catharines)
Won Rob Hoey (Robinson) Alastair Jubb (Fitzwilliam) Antony Lewis (Caius)
  JP Marks (Clare) Jamie Reid (Selwyn) Mark Mellors (Pembroke)
2001 Richard Keeton (Churchill-Capt) Rob Atkinson (Clare) Matthew Findlay (-)
Won Jon Fish (Downing) Rachel Franks (Selwyn) Ari Liddell (NH/ME)
  JP Marks (Clare) Jamie Reid (Selwyn) Alistair Rose (Fitzwilliam)
2000 Rob Sherrington (Trinity-Capt) Giles Bradford (Magdalene) Erin Delaney (Wolfson)
Won Jon Fish (Downing) Rich Guy (Emmanuel) Tom Hebbert (Caius)
  Richard Keeton (Churchill) Becca O’Brien (Queens) Jamie Reid (Selwyn)
1999 Archie Massey (Pembroke-Capt) Giles Bradford (Magdalene) Rich Guy (Emmanuel)
Won Richard Keeton (Churchill) Tom Hebbert (Caius) Rob Sherrington (Trinity)
  Jon Fish (Downing) Ben Deacon (Caius) Tim Wakefield (-)
1998 Tim Baker (Downing-Capt) Ian Armstrong (Queens) Geoff Camm (Clare)
Won Mark Carleton (Selwyn) Steve Dunn (Fitzwilliam) Michael John Gifford (Caius)
  Archie Massey (Pembroke) Jamie McEwen (Pembroke) George Nurton (Emmanuel)
1997 Roger Douglas (Emmanuel-Capt) Ian Armstrong (Queens) Bob Bethune (Corpus Christi)
Won Tim Baker (Downing) Geoff Camm (Clare) Mark Carleton (Selwyn)
  Mike Dencher (Selwyn) Archie Massey (Pembroke) Luke McEwen (Peterhouse)
1996 Luke McEwen (Peterhouse-Capt) Tim Baker (Downing) Geoff Camm (Clare)
Lost Mike Dencher (Selwyn) Roger Gilbert (Selwyn) Bruce Kavanagh (Sidney Sussex)
  Jamie McEwen (Pembroke) George Nurton (Emmanuel) Mike Rolf (Queens)
1995 Nick Craig (Emmanuel-Capt) Russell Masding (St Johns) Jeremy Reed (Peterhouse)
Won Roger Douglas (Emmanuel) Luke McEwen (Peterhouse) Graham Camm (Magdalene)
  Tim Baker (Downing) Derek Hill (Trinity Hall) Jamie McEwen (Pembroke)
1994 Graham Camm (Magdalene-Capt) Nick Craig (Emmanuel) Dave Evans (Trinity Hall)
Won Roger Gilbert (Selwyn) Mike Hogg (Queens) Jon James (Caius)
  Luke McEwan (Peterhouse) Russell Masding (St Johns) Jeremy Reed (Peterhouse)
1993 Ewan McLellan (Christs-Capt) James Anderson (Christs) Graham Camm (Magdalene)
Lost Hugo Cuddingham (Trinity) Dave Evans (Trinity Hall) Jon James (Caius)
  Nigel Masding (St Johns) Jeremy Reed (Peterhouse) Matt Thomas (Emmanuel)
1992 Thomas Wilkes (Robinson-Capt) Graham Camm (Magdalene) Dave Evans (Trinity Hall)
Won Jon James (Caius) Ewan McLellan (Christs) Nigel Masding (St Johns)
  Mark Taylor (Sidney Sussex) Matt Thomas (Emmanuel) Alex Jacobs (Trinity Hall)
1991 Chris Fox (Pembroke-Capt) Ewan McLellan (Christs) Mike Dunbar (Downing)
**** Dave Evans (Trinity Hall) Nigel Masding (St Johns) Mark Taylor (-)
Won Ian Walker (Downing) William Wallis (Queens) Thomas Wilks (Robinson)
1990 Ian Walker (Downing-Capt) Ed Crook (Fitzwilliam) Ian Ferguson (Magdalene)
**** Chris Fox (Pembroke) Anthony Booth (Christs) Liz Walker (NH/ME)
Lost Gordon Maclay (Trinity Hall) Scott Nathan (Emmanuel) Mike Dunbar (Downing)
1989 Ian Walker (Downing-Capt) Mike Dunbar (Downing) Ian Ferguson (Magdalene)
Lost Peter Ireland (Pembroke) Gordon Maclay (Trinity Hall) Peter Burrell (Queens)
  Greg Hughes (Selwyn) James Lindsay (-) Nick Rees (Trinity)
1988 Nick Rees (Trinity-Capt) Gordon Maclay (Trinity Hall) Greg Hughes? (Selwyn)
**** Andy Rice (Trinity) Keith Lyon (Downing) Pete Ireland (Pembroke)
Won Pete Burrell (Pembroke) Simon Broxham (Robinson) Josh Bottomley (-)
1987 Andy Rice (Trinity) Robert Sharp (Downing) Keith Lyon (Downing)
**** Peter Allsop (Emmanuel) Richard Saxton (St Johns) Chris Gibbs (Girton-Capt)
Won Nick Rees (Trinity) John Klintworth (Peterhouse) Simon Broxham (Robinson)
1986 Peter Kennedy (Robinson-Capt) Nick Rees (Trinity) Andrew Pozniak (Queens)
*** Richard Southern (Queens) John Klintworth (Peterhouse) Iain Walker (Selwyn)
Won Robert Plummer (Pembroke) Ethan Berkowitz (Darwin) Chris Gibbs (Girton)
1985 Barry Parkin (Downing-Capt) John Browett (Magdalene) Iain Walker (Selwyn)
**** Peter Kennedy (Robinson) Bruce McLaren (Caius) Chris Gibbs (Girton)
Won Richard Southern (St Catharines) Robert Plummer (Pembroke) Oliver Garside (St Catharines)
1984 Julian Elwood (Trinity-Capt) Richard Southern (St Catharines) Jennifer Pocock (Emmanuel)
**** Barry Parkin (Downing) Robert Plummer (Pembroke) Nick Hill (Girton)
Won David Chadwick (St Johns) Jim Mangnell (Downing) Chris Gibbs (Girton)
1983 Rob Cumming (Magdalene-Capt) Roger Bickerstaff (Kings) Dave Chadwick (St Johns)
Lost Stacey Clark (Downing) Julian Elwood (Trinity) Vincent Geake (Peterhouse)
  Nick Hill (Girton) Jim Mangnell (Downing) Barry Parkin (Downing)
1982 Stacey Clark (Downing-Capt) Howard Williams (Queens) Martin Hodgson (St Johns)
Lost Rob Cumming (Magdalene) Adrian Smart (Magdalene) Julian Elwood (Trinity)
  Vincent Geake (Peterhouse) Roger Bickerstaff (Kings) Dave White (Sidney Sussex)
1981 Andrew Hattersley (Emma-Capt) Roger Bickerstaff (Kings) Stacey Clark (Downing)
Won Phil David (Christs) Matthew Geake (Emmanuel) John Gilmore (Kings)
  Trevor Newley (Kings) Steve Smith (Magdalene) Howard Williams (Queens)
1980 Roger Yeoman (Corpus-Capt) John Gilmore (Kings) Jon Henley (Jesus)
**** Simon Donaldson (Pembroke) Chas Williamson (Trinity) Nicholas Flower (Jesus)
Won Andrew Hattersley (Emmanuel) Phil David (Christs) Graham Latham (Selwyn)
1979 Mark Struckett (Selwyn-Capt) Jeff Staines (Selwyn) Peter Knowles (Trinity)
**** Roger Yeoman (Corpus Christi) Simon Donaldson (Pembroke) Andy Biller (Churchill)
Won Andrew Hattersley (Emmanuel) Tom Collins (Trinity) Graham Latham (Selwyn)
1978 Bruce Burnett (Corpus-Capt) Simon Donaldson (Pembroke) Tom Collins (Trinity)
Won Jonathan Austin (St Johns) John Fells (St Johns) Neville Hazell (Churchill)
  Mark Struckett (Selwyn) Phil David (Christs) Graham Latham (Selwyn)

Six-man teams in 1977 and earlier. One nine-man team competed in 1948. Names as per 1966 and 1977 Club handbooks, with some corrections from early annual reports.

Year Name Name Name
1977 Chris Atkins (Pembroke-Capt) David Black (St Johns) Bruce Burnett (Corpus Christi)
Won John Fells (St Johns) Will Henderson (Trinity) Roger Yeoman (Corpus Christi)
1976 M J R Hoyle (Sidney Sussex-Capt) J C Aston (Jesus) C J Atkins (Pembroke)
Lost W H Henderson (Trinity) J N Fells (St Johns) K L Whitfield (Pembroke)
1975 W H Henderson (Trinity-Capt) M C Hicks (Trinity) M J R Hoyle (Sidney Sussex)
Lost A A W Wilson (Churchill) J C Aston (Jesus) C J Atkins (Pembroke)
1974 J G Burke (Trinity Hall-Capt) M C Hicks (Trinity) S B Locke (Churchill)
Lost N V Hartshorn (Kings) W H Henderson (Trinity) M C Claridge (Fitzwilliam)
1973 P J B Crebbin (Magdalene-Capt) J G Burke (Trinity Hall) D R Wilkins (Wolfson)
Lost S B Locke (Churchill A J E Landamore (Downing) M C Hicks (Trinity)
1972 A R Barker (Fitzwilliam-Capt) P J B Crebbin (Magdalene) S Roskams (Caius)
Lost T P How (Churchill) S B Locke (Churchill) J G Burke (Trinity Hall)
1971 R I R Willows (Clare-Capt) A R Barker (Fitzwilliam) T How (Churchill)
Won C Read-Wilson (Churchill) S Roskams (Caius) N D Ross (Trinity Hall)
1970 G H Williams (Trinity Hall-Capt) A R Barker (Fitzwilliam) R I R Willows (Clare)
Tie N D Ross (Trinity Hall) R Ware (Trinity Hall) P E King (Jesus)
1969 J P Calvert (Caius-Capt) A H Ridler (Clare) B O Agrell (Trinity)
Won N D Ross (Trinity Hall) T J Davison (Churchill) G H Williams (Trinity Hall)
1968 C M D Brown (Clare-Capt) J P Calvert (Caius) B O Agrell (Trinity)
Lost T J Davison (Churchill) J S Mehew (Selwyn) G I Bye (Queens)
1967 P J B Dixon (Corpus Christi-Capt) J P Calvert (Caius) C M D Brown (Clare)
Lost P A F Gifford (Magdalene) J S Mehew (Selwyn) R A Pegna (Kings)
1966 P A F Gifford (Magdalene-Capt) C D Livingstone (Pembroke) C M D Brown (Clare)
Lost R A Pegna (Kings) P J B Dixon (Corpus Christi) I S Macdonald-Smith (Selwyn)
1965 A R Butler (Clare-Capt) G F Self (St Catharines) R J Walker (Selwyn)
Lost M R P Hayles (Churchill) P G Lee (Peterhouse) P A F Gifford (Magdalene)
1964 R J Hermon-Taylor (St Johns-Capt) G F Self (St Catharines) R S Palmer (Jesus)
Lost R J Walker (Selwyn) A R Butler (Clare) S T P Watt (Clare)
1963 P R A Bainbridge (Sidney Sx-Capt) J Ware (Queens) A C Armitage (Clare)
Won R J Hermon-Taylor (St Johns) R G Williams (Caius) G F Self (St Catharines)
1962 J C Thompson (Peterhouse-Capt) P R A Bainbridge (Sidney Sussex) J Ware (Queens)
Won A C Armitage (Clare) H Janson (Trinity) R J Hermon-Taylor (St Johns)
1961 J Vines (Emmanuel-Capt) J H P Cuddigan (Trinity) J C Thompson (Peterhouse)
Won A R Wilcock (Caius) P R A Bainbridge (Sidney Sussex) J Ware (Queens)
1960 P T Romer-Lee (Trinity-Capt) R T H Harrison (Trinity Hall) J Vines (Emmanuel)
Won J H P Cuddigan (Trinity) A J Tomkins (Emmanuel) J C Thompson (Peterhouse)
1959 A C Green (Magdalene-Capt) R T H Harrison(Trinity Hall) J P Evans (Christs)
Lost C Sampson (St Johns) P T Romer-Lee (Trinity) J Vines (Emmanuel)
1958 M J Prosser (Trinity-Capt) T M B Eiloart (Trinity) A C Green (Magdalene)
Won O G D Acland (Magdalene) R T H Harrison (Trinity Hall) J P Evans (Christs)
1957 M F Pope (Pembroke-Capt) J J B Buckwell (Trinity Hall) T M B Eiloart (Trinity)
Lost D Court-Hampton (Selwyn) M J Prosser (Trinity) A C Green (Magdalene)
1956 G M Edmond (Caius-Capt) M F Pope (Pembroke) J J Dimock (St Catharines)
Won J J B Buckwell (Trinity Hall) T M B Eiloart (Trinity) D Court-Hampton (Selwyn)
1955 W M Peacock (Trinity-Capt) J M McCurrich (Magdalene) G M Edmond (Caius)
Won J Janson (Trinity) M F Pope (Pembroke) I R Marks (Clare)
1954 J B Heron (St Catharines-Capt) W M Peacock (Trinity) J M McCurrich (Magdalene)
Lost R M Button (Pembroke) J F Marsh (Trinity Hall) I R Marks (Clare)
1953 J K Knights (Downing-Capt) J B Heron (St Catharines) P Reader (Selwyn)
Lost I W D Cox (Clare) R M Button (Pembroke) W M Peacock (Trinity)
1952 A G Baker (Caius-Capt) C C Wright (Kings) R C White (Clare)
Won N S Bailey (Corpus Christi) J K Knights (Downing) J R Heron (St Catharines)
1951 C W C Green (Kings-Capt) A G Baker (Caius) R J Hughes (Corpus Christi)
Lost W E Smith (St Johns) R C White (Clare) C C Wright (Kings)
1950 J A Sampson (Corpus Christi-Capt) A G Baker (Caius) D H T Day (Clare)
Won J D Palmer (Pembroke) W E Smith (St Johns) H G Way (Caius)
1949 R R A Coles (Clare-Capt) P J Brophy (Magdalene) R L Bryne (Caius)
Lost G W Hayward (Queens) J D Palmer (Pembroke) J A Sampson (Corpus Christi)
1948 W R Swann (Kings-Capt) P R Clark (Trinity) B H Coleman (Jesus)
Won R R A Coles (Clare) R G Frederick (Trinity Hall) S S F Horner (Trinity)
  T S Morgan (Christs) R H Trafford (Peterhouse) P T W Weston (Clare)
1947 R G Frederick (Trinity Hall-Capt) H I S Catherwood (Pembroke) P B Clark (Trinity)
Lost B H Coleman (Jesus) M F Mackie (Pembroke) W R Swann (Kings)
1946 R G Frederick (Trinity Hall-Capt) H I S Catherwood (Pembroke) M F Mackie (Pembroke)
Lost P B Clark (Trinity) J Abbot (Downing) S C Bushell (Trinity Hall)
1945 C H W Griffith (Trinity-Capt) H I S Catherwood (Pembroke) C T H Cowen (Pembroke)
Tie G Dunkerley (St Johns) M F Mackie (Pembroke) O H Wyatt (Christs)
1944 P O E Trubshawe (Clare-Capt) J N Capener (Trinity Hall) G Dunkerley (Pembroke)
Lost M D S Duxbury (Trinity Hall) G G Lord (St Johns) O H Wyatt (Christs)
1943 B H Coleman (Jesus-Capt) M W H Bishop (St Catharines) C H W Griffith (Trinity)
Lost C J Heath (St Catharines) J M Palmer (Jesus) P O E Trubshawe (Clare)
1942 P R Masters (Pembroke-Capt) B H Coleman (Jesus)
Won R J L Eborall (Jesus) R C H Russell (Kings)
1941 G F Deakin (Pembroke-Capt) C G Attenborough (Trinity) R J L Eborall (Jesus)
Lost P R Masters (Pembroke) E F Roberts (Sidney Sussex) R J Walker (Trinity)
1940 No Match (World War II)    
1939 J Blewitt (Trinity-Capt) K O George (Clare) E J M Dent (Corpus Christi)
Won W Rogers (Caius) J R M Cockburn (Trinity) N D Grogono (Queens)
1938 B Everton-Jones (Downing-Capt) M J Ellison (St Johns) J Blewitt (Trinity)
Won K O George (Clare) W Rogers (Caius) E M J Dent (Corpus Christi)
1937 J F Paxton (Pembroke-Capt) J G Lubbock (Trinity) B Everton-Jones (Downing)
Lost M J Ellison (St Johns) J Blewitt (Trinity) K O George (Clare)
1936 J F Paxton (Pembroke-Capt) J A S Cleminson (Caius) J Morland-Smith (Pembroke)
Lost W I Douglas (Clare) J G Lubbock (Trinity) B Everton-Jones (Downing)
1935 W B de Quincy (St Johns-Capt) D O Beale (Trinity) J F Paxton (Pembroke)
Won T C Lawson (St Johns) J D Tweedie (Trinity) N D MacLehose (Clare)
1934 J K Winter (Trinity-Capt) D O Beale (Trinity) W B de Quincy (St Johns)
Tie H L Paxton (Pembroke) N G Cooke (Trinity) J A S Cleminson (Caius)
1933 J K Winter (Trinity-Capt) H F G Harrison (Trinity Hall) H T Kemsley (Trinity)
Won D O Beale (Trinity) P E Clift (Pembroke) J H L Burroughes (Trinity)
1932 Sir J N Nicholson (Trinity-Capt) T H Scott (Clare) J K Winter (Trinity)
Won H F G Harrison (Trinity Hall) H T Kemsley (Trinity) P L Wood (Trinity)
1931 T H Scott (Trinity-Capt) H G Curl (Christs) G D Goodricke (Caius)
Won H F G Harrison (Trinity Hall) Sir J N Nicholson (Trinity) J K Winter (Trinity)
1930 S H Morris (Trinity-Capt) P M Munro (Trinity Hall) P M Scott (Trinity)
Won D R Colville (Trinity) T H Scott (Trinity) H StG Burke (Trinity)
1929 F P Usborne (Clare-Capt) G C Tozer (Trinity) O A Jones (Emmanuel)
Won S H Morris (Trinity) P M Munro (Trinity Hall) P M Scott (Trinity)
1928 G C Tozer (Trinity-Capt) F P Usborne (Clare) O A Jones (Emmanuel)
Won P A Tritton (Trinity) P M Munro (Trinity Hall) S H Morris (Trinity)
1927 J W Kettlewell (Pembroke-Capt) G Postlethwaite (Trinity) I Ramsey (Trinity)
Tie R A Jéquier (Clare) G C Tozer (Trinity) F P Usborne (Clare)
1926 H R Rogers (Trinity-Capt) F R Horne (Christs) J W Kettlewell (Pembroke)
Lost H C I Rogers (Clare) G Postlethwaite (Trinity) I Ramsey (Pembroke)
1925 W D C Smellie (Kings-Capt) F B Priest (Fitzwilliam) F R Horne (Christs)
Won J W Kettlewell (Pembroke) H C I Rogers (Clare) H R Rogers (Trinity)
1924 C A Boardman (Queens-Capt) A L Adler (Trinity) A R Lucas (Trinity)
Won M A R Pryce (Caius) F B Priest (Fitzwilliam) W D C Smellie (Kings)
1923 G P Chandler (Trinity-Capt) K J Thouless (Corpus Christi) W N Boxwell (Kings)
Lost C H Hilliard (Jesus) C T Hutton (Caius) H J Pye (St Johns)
1922 C S Leaf (Trinity-Capt) K J Thouless (Corpus Christi) L C H Cave (Trinity)
Lost W N Boxwell (Kings) G P Chandler (Trinity) C H Hilliard (Jesus)
1921 J R Smellie (Kings-Capt) L C H Cave (Trinity) K J Thouless (Corpus Christi)
Lost C S Leaf (Trinity) Prince J de Mahé (St Johns) J E Fry (Kings)
1920 J R Smellie (Kings-Capt) C S Leaf (Trinity) L C H Cave (Trinity)
Lost Prince J de Mahé (St Johns) R A Nisbet (Pembroke) S J L Robinson (Trinity)
1919 No Match (World War I aftermath)    
1918 No Match (World War I)    
1917 No Match (World War I)    
1916 No Match (World War I    
1915 No Match (World War I)    
1914 J Barcroft (Kings-Capt) N Drey (Kings) G I Taylor (Trinity)
Won T H Digby (Trinity Hall) J A F Morton (Kings) A M Stephen (Kings)
1913 T G Fowler (Caius-Capt) E H Lovett-Henn (Trinity) H G Busk (Kings)
Lost T H Digby (Trinity Hall) G M Herbert-Smith (Trinity) A A Gemmell (Kings)
1912 G I Taylor (Trinity-Capt) H G Busk (Kings) G M Brown (Kings)
Won (3 match races)    

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