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Current Student Newsletter – August 2021

After many months, sailing finally took the first steps to a (new?) normality. Our team racers resumed training at Grafham which resulted in an excellent BUSA performance! It is hoped that, with the easing of restrictions, the upcoming Freshers Fair will lead to a significant number of new members.

Team Racing

The team racers have had an unconventional season with training and most events being cancelled due to Covid. However, with the easing of restrictions, the summer term saw a long-awaited return to Grafham with weekly trips being run. This training was tested during both the Women’s BUSA Finals at Rutland and the Mixed BUSA Finals at Spinnaker. The Women’s team was triumphant, finishing top university and capturing the BUSA crown for the first time since 2013.
The Mixed BUSA Finals also saw four Cambridge teams take to the water. After three beautiful days of racing, the teams finished 2nd, 3rd, 6th, and 7th – a testament to both the depth and resolve of the squad. Both the training untaken and results achieved leave the squad in an awesome position going into the 2021/22 season.
The varsity match was unfortunately postponed at the last minute due to Covid fears. It is hoped that this will now take place in early Autumn.


After two blank years (calms in 2019 and COVID-19 in 2020) a very successful 2021 Cuppers event for both sailors and windsurfers was run at Grafham on 22 June. Trinity triumphed in windsurfing, with Fitzwilliam taking the Silver Fleet trophy. A joint Caius-Hughes Hall team were victorious in the team racing, with a joint Clare-Trinity team taking the Silver Fleet trophy.

Best wishes
Karl Aeberli
Senior Secretary CUCrC 

Student Newsletter Archive

December 2020

A Mixed Term

The pandemic has resulted in the suspension of any sailing activities which could not conform to the COVID-19 regulations. This meant that the taster weekend and casual sailing activities – with the exception of windsurfing – were not possible. At present there is little chance of improvement until – hopefully – the Easter term. So let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Team Racing

The much-postponed Varsity Match was held at Farmoor in September. Cambridge won the Open Event 8-3 and Oxford the Women’s Event 4-1. It made for good racing with excellent conditions – albeit a bit different to the regular match. Despite COVID-19, the team racers have made a successful start to the season.

Trials were held over the first two weekends of term, and 14 new members joined the squad. We were able to undertake a few weekends of training before the November lockdown, where four very promising teams appear to be developing!


Although unable to run organised activities, many individuals from the windsurfing section have made great use of our inherently socially-distanced sport, with numerous successful trips to Grafham and occasionally to the sea at Hunstanton. The atmosphere is relaxed and all skill levels are welcome.

Match Racing & Other Events

In October last year’s captain Robbie King and his mainly Cambridge crew took the bronze medal in a tough UK Match Racing Final. This followed Robbie’s victory at the 2020 Youth Match Racing Final in September.

Details of all the events mentioned are to be found on this website.

Best wishes,
Karl Aeberli
Senior Secretary CUCrC