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How To Join Or Register Your Interest

(Membership application displays are at the bottom of this page unless you are already a member and logged in.)

Finding Out

Join the CUCrC! Take advantage of the Sports Fair or the Freshers Fair to come along and talk to us. At the Freshers Fair look for a dinghy or board outside and a large burgee banner inside. If you are not sure what sailing or windsurfing is really like, sign up for a taster session at Grafham – first Saturday and Sunday of the Michaelmas term. And come to the CUCrC Squash – details of time and place will be provided closer to the time by email, as well as on flyers at the Freshers Fair. If you cannot make these sessions, use the form on the Get In Touch page to register your specific interests on our emailing list.

Membership Costs

To join the CUCrC, the current student membership fee is £50. There is no fee for non-student (Senior Affiliate) membership, but you need to be able to help the Club in some tangible way such as using your car to help with transport to and from Grafham or being qualified to instruct. The only additional regular cost for sailing and windsurfing at Grafham is for transport to and from Grafham Water – normally £5 per return trip. For non-members there is a full-day or half-day membership fee included in the price of a Club trip to Grafham.

Eligibility to Join the CUCrC

Student Membership is open to registered students aged 18 or over (of Cambridge University, and elsewhere if full time and at a non-commercial institution). But please note the two membership application categories below – the 1st for Cambridge University students and the 2nd for students at other institutions. Activities at Grafham Water are restricted to Club equipment. Students wishing to sail or surf their own boat or board at Grafham must join Grafham Water SC. Only Student Ordinary members (CU students) have voting rights in Club matters and are eligible to represent the University in competitions.

Non-Student (Senior Affiliate) Membership, with restricted and non-competitive sailing and windsurfing opportunities when students are present, is open to others associated with the University or with the City. Senior Affiliate Membership is subject to General Committee confirmation and the member being able to help the Club in some tangible way (by providing transport or being qualified to instruct).  Senior Affiliates wishing to sail or surf their own boat or board at Grafham must join Grafham Water SC.

Membership Details

If you are a student you get unlimited sailing and windsurfing for a whole academic year (1 October – 30 September) for just £50. (‘Student’ means you are a registered student aged 18 or over on a full-time course of study for a first or higher degree at a non-commercial university or college of further education.) If you have already booked on a Taster Session or RYA Training Course you will get a discount of £10 on your membership fee. If you are a registered student of Cambridge University and have submitted your CRSid to us, you are covered by personal accident insurance when participating in a Club activity or representing the University. Although we have never had an accident in the last 10 years, if you are a postdoc or a student of another institution or a non-student you would be wise to ascertain what personal accident cover you have when taking part in sporting activities and associated travel.

If you are not a student, but have a car and can help with transport, or have good experience and can assist in some other tangible way, then we welcome you as a Senior Affiliate. (But note that students have to be present for you to have access to the Club’s boats and gear.) There is no membership fee, but your application is subject to formal vetting. When you provide transport you are eligible to claim a mileage allowance. Furthermore, during the duties for which you volunteer, you will normally be able to take part in some sailing and windsurfing. The one major exception is the Taster Weekend (first weekend of Michaelmas Term), when we ask all Senior Affiliates with cars to help with transport. Please do NOT sign up for a taster session – we will contact you about providing transport.

Membership Application

Click on the ‘Buy Now’ buttons below for the membership category to which you are eligible and you will be taken straight to a Checkout page. At checkout you will be asked to confirm your acceptance of the Club’s membership requirements, if you have not already done so. Please use your existing login, if you have one, to avoid creating a duplicate account.

Photo of Cambridge May Ballers
Team Racers all dressed up for the Robinson May Ball