Gosnell   Cup   Winners

The Gosnell Cup

The table below lists Cambridge sailing Gosnell Cup winners since the cup was first raced for in 1940. The cup has sometimes been called the Freshers Cup. It is a fine silver rose bowl with a wooden plinth. The cup was originally won outright by Ralph Gosnell in his 5 Rater at Tamesis SC in 1902. Mrs Gosnell presented the cup to the Club in 1939 for a new members race in memory of Ralph, her husband. Ralph had been Vice Commodore of the Club 1923-25 and 1936-39.

Some History

The race was usually sailed in the Easter Term. Where this has varied, the academic year has been used to avoid two different winners appearing in the same year. In 1996 George Nurton and Rob Buthune agreed to share the cup, sailed for on a really windy day. Only George and Rob made the start, and George’s mast fell down at the final gybe mark. He was a lap ahead of Rob, who had capsized twice, but a re-sail was not possible. After the Gosnell Cup race of 2013, the competition was suspended because of the pressures of trials, training, and team racing events on the Club’s sailors.

Year Name College   Year Name College
2013 Esther Sidebotham Jesus   2012 Francine Counsell Corpus
2011 No race     2010 No race  
2009 William Kalderon Emmanuel   2008 No race  
2007 No race     2006 No race  
2005 No race     2004 Jonathon Pinner Trinity Hall
2003 Wendy Carlin Magdalene   2002 Mark Mellows Pembroke
2001 George Harston St Catharines   2000 Alistair Rose Fitzwilliam
1999 Tom Herbert Caius   1998 Ari Liddell New Hall (Murray Edwards)
1997 Archie Massey Pembroke   1996 George Nurton
Rob Buthune
1995 Geoffrey Camm Clare   1994 No race  
1993 Michael Hogg Queens   1992 Graham Camm Magdalene
1991 Nigel Masding St Johns   1990 Ed Crook Fitzwilliam
1989 Ian Walker Downing   1988 Gordon Maclay Trinity Hall
1987 No race     1986 Stephen Keating Sidney Sussex
1985 Bruce McLaren Caius   1984 Peter Kennedy Robinson
1983 Barry Parkin Downing   1982 Vincent Geake Peterhouse
1981 Stacey Clark Downing   1980 Jane Sears Girton
1979 Andrew Hattersley Emmanuel   1978 Andy Biller Churchill
1977 Mark Struckett Selwyn   1976 Mary Clarke Newnham
1975 Chris Atkins Pembroke   1974 Will Henderson Trinity
1973 David Wilkins Wolfson   1972 John Burke Trinity Hall
1971 Phil Crebbin Magdalene   1970 No Race  
1969 Bob Barker Fitzwilliam   1968 Robert Barklie Churchill
1967 Andrew Beveridge Trinity   1966 Chris Brown Clare
1965 Peter Dixon Corpus   1964 Malcolm Atkinson Jesus
1963 Mike Hayles Churchill   1962 Roger Palmer Jesus
1961 Peter Walker Jesus   1960 R Millington Trinity
1959 William Kilgour St Johns   1958 Richard Harrison Trinity Hall
1957 John Parkinson Jesus   1956 Mike Prosser Trinity
1955 David Court-Hampton Selwyn   1954 Robert Campbell Fitzwilliam
1953 Michael Moore Kings   1952 Brian Heron St Catharines
1951 Ian Cox Clare   1950 Terence Murphy Jesus
1949 William Wilson Queens   1948 P K Withenshaw Trinity
1947 J C Holborow Caius   1946 John Abbott Downing
1945 Henry Catherwood Pembroke   1944 M D Duxbury Trinity Hall
1943 Oswald Trubshawe Clare   1942 Robert Wright Kings
1941 R J Walker Trinity   1940 T R Jackson Trinity