Club Membership And Participation Requirements

In joining the Club, or in booking on one of the Club’s trips, courses, or events, you confirm the following.

  1. I confirm that I am capable of swimming 100 metres whilst wearing light clothing.
  2. I confirm that I am aware of the dangers of participating in an active water-sport, which include: drowning; exposure; injury from equipment; and water-borne disease. I appreciate that these risks are magnified by illness and I will not sail whilst feeling unwell. I am aware that full risk assessments are available in Section 8 of the Club’s Regulations, maintained on this website.
  3. I believe I am medically fit to take part in club activities and if there is any doubt, I confirm I have consulted my doctor regarding the suitability of the activity. I confirm that if I need emergency medication, I will disclose this on my membership registration form and ensure the medication is available during Club sessions.
  4. I acknowledge that it is up to me personally to assess whether any club event or activity is too difficult or dangerous for me, to check the adequacy of my personal equipment, and to seek guidance before I participate.
  5. I acknowledge that the Club does not accept any liability for damage to or loss of property or for personal injury to non-CU student members arising out of the use of club facilities, or participation in any activity organised by the Club, whether sustained by members or their guests. (But this clause shall not limit the liability of Club for any damage or personal injury resulting from its negligence or fraud.)
  6. I confirm that I will abide by the Member Conduct, Health, Safety, and Welfare arrangements, and other provisions set out in the Club Regulations, whilst participating in any activity organised by or in association with the Club, or while a member of a team representing the University.
  7. When sailing or windsurfing at Grafham Water I will comply with the Grafham Water Sailing Club rules and safety regulations, as displayed in the clubhouse. I undertake to keep myself informed of any changes in these rules and regulations whilst I remain an active member of the CUCrC.
  8. I am aware that the Club takes no responsibility for the safety of members travelling to or from events and activities.
  9. I acknowledge that any sailing placements, trips, or activities found through but not organised by the Club are deemed outside of the Club’s liabilities.
  10. I agree to pay my share of costs incurred whilst sailing with the Club, including the cost of damage to craft that I am sailing in or on (where not covered by insurance).
  11. I acknowledge that the Club or Grafham Water SC may take photographs or videos of events that include my image and use them, without payment, to promote the clubs and their activities. I understand that I may request the removal of my image from any item.
  12. I appreciate that failure to comply with the Club’s requirements during any training session or event, at home or away, could result in my expulsion from the Club or other disciplinary action.