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BUSA Team Racing Introduction

This page lists Cambridge results in the BUSA Team Racing Championships, now also a BUCS event. The event was first sailed in 1957 and has taken place every year since then. The Womens event started later and has not taken place in every year. Cambridge stopped competing in the Womens Championships for a while because they were held at the same time, and in the same place, as the main championship. That resulted in women sailing on the main team being unable to compete in the womens event. This changed in 2012 when the Womens BUSA Team Racing was first run as part of the RYA Womens National Team Racing Championships

Data Details

All the years listed below are calendar years. In the results columns ‘SF’ indicates Cambridge reached the Semi Finals, QF indicates an exit in the Quarter Finals.  Results in the first eight of the open event and the first two of the women’s event are emboldened because the team members qualify for a Full Blue if they also sail in the Varsity Match.

Year Open Result Organiser (Place) Womens Result Place
2022 7th, 12th, 25th Bristol (Chew Valley) 1st Budworth
2021 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 8th Spinnaker (Summer event) 1st Rutland
2020 COVID Cambridge (Grafham) COVID West Kirby
2019 2nd, 7th BUSA (Spinnaker) 2nd Spinnaker
2018 2nd, 6th, 28th Glasgow (Strathclyde Loch) 3rd Lochore Meadows Country Park, Kirkcaldy
2017 2nd, 3rd, 4th Manchester (West Kirby) 2nd Spinnaker
2016 1st, 4th, 18th Cambridge (Grafham) Cancelled Farmoor
2015 1st, 4th, 7th Nottingham (Notts County) 3rd Spinnaker
2014 1st, 6th, 15th Strathclyde (Strathclyde Loch) 3rd West Kirby
2013 3rd, 10th Bath (Chew Valley) 1st Spinnaker
2012 5th Liverpool (West Kirby) 4th Spinnaker (now an RYA/BUSA event)
2011 13th Southampton (Spinnaker) Did not compete
2010 5th Bristol (Chew Valley) Did not compete
2009 4th Brunel (Datchet) Did not compete
2008 5th Oxford (Farmoor) 1st Farmoor
2007 6th Birmingham 4th Birmingham
2006 1st, 5th Cambridge (Grafham) 5th Grafham
2005 QF Newcastle
2004 Chew Valley
2003 SF Southampton (Spinnaker)
2002 2nd Birmingham SF Birmingham
2001 QF Cambridge (Grafham)
2000 1st Leeds SF Leeds
1999 QF Farmoor SF Farmoor
1998 SF x 2 Bristol 1st Bristol
1997 QF x 2 Glasgow 1st Glasgow
1996 QF Grafham 2nd Grafham
1995 1st Southampton (Spinnaker) SF Spinnaker
1994 1st=, 2nd= Birmingham (no sailing on final day)
1993 QF SF
1992 SF London (Welsh Harp) 2nd London (Welsh Harp)
1991 SF Nottingham 1st Nottingham
1990 2nd City (Queen Mary) 2nd City (Queen Mary)
1989 2nd Manchester (Leigh & Lowton) QF Manchester (Leigh & Lowton)
1988 2nd Wales (Port Talbot) SF Wales (Port Talbot)
1986 QF London (Welsh Harp) 1st London (Welsh Harp)
1985 2nd Bristol (Axebridge) Unplaced Bristol (Axebridge)
1984 QF Oxford (Farmoor) Unplaced Oxford (Farmoor)
1983 1st Bradford (Elton) Unplaced Bradford (Elton)
1982 SF Cambridge (Grafham) Unplaced Cambridge (Grafham)
1981 1st Liverpool (Crosby) 5th Crosby
1980 QF Bristol
1979 2nd Edinburgh SF Edinburgh
1978 SF Manchester
1977 2nd Oxford (Farmoor)
1976 QF Sussex (Weir Wood) SF Sussex (Weir Wood)
1975 2nd Cambridge (Grafham) 1st Cambridge (Grafham)
1974 Unplaced Birmingham
1973 2nd Welsh Harp SF Welsh Harp
1972 Unplaced Oxford (Farmoor)
1971 QF Cambridge (Grafham)
1970 Unplaced Bristol
1969 SF
1968 Unplaced
1967 2nd London (Welsh Harp)
1966 Unplaced London (Welsh Harp)
1965 Unplaced London (Welsh Harp)
1964 Unplaced Liverpool (Southport)
1963 Unplaced London (Welsh Harp)
1962 1st London (Welsh Harp)
1961 Unplaced London (Welsh Harp) Unplaced London (Welsh Harp)
1960 SF London (Welsh Harp) DNC
1959 2nd London (Welsh Harp) DNC
1958 ? London (Welsh Harp) DNC
1957 ? London (Welsh Harp) DNC

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