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Windsurfing History

This page lists Cambridge windsurfing team captains since 1978. The team captain has been head of the Windsurfing Section since sections were set up in 1986. The title associated with the position has varied over the years. Since 2014/15 the official title has been Vice Commodore, previously it had been President. The informal title is Team Captain.


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Year Captain College Year Captain College
2023-2024 2022-2023 Johan Kidger Caius
2021-2022 Bella Biddle Churchill 2019-2021 Vacant (2 Years)
2019-2019 Maddy Green Murray Edwards 2018-2018 Sipke Shaughnessy St Johns
2017-2018 David Fischer Girton 2016-2017 Helen White Emmanuel
2015-2016 Ben Lawrence Caius 2014-2015 Laurel Townsend Sidney Sussex
2013-2014 Jack Tawney Pembroke 2012-2013 Jack Tawney Pembroke
2011-2012 Aidan Hopkins Emmanuel 2010-2011 Dave Williams Robinson
2009-2010 Dave Williams Robinson 2008-2009 Rici Marshall Sidney Sussex
2007-2008 Pete Winslow Trinity Hall 2006-2007 Rosemary Francis Newnham
2005-2006 Michael Crisp Downing 2004-2005 Marieke Hordijk Friend of Chris Addison (VC)
2003-2004 Henry Rock-Evans Churchill 2002-2003 Tom Collins Jesus
2001-2002 Carolyn Emerson St Catharines 2000-2001 Alex Collins Emmanuel
1999-2000 Emily Rae Newnham 1998-1999 Andy Bramah Corpus Christi
1997-1998 Jim Downing Peterhouse 1996-1997 Jim Downing Peterhouse
1995-1996 Ant Bewes Churchill 1994-1995 Mike Hogg Queens
1993-1994 Olly Bye Queens 1992-1993 Jez Selway Pembroke
1991-1992 Richard Raistrick Pembroke 1990-1991 Graham Friend Trinity
1989-1990 Dan Palmer Christs 1988-1989 Simon Brickle ?
1987-1988 1986-1987
1985-1986 1984-1985 Ian Blake Selwyn
1983-1984 S Dyer 1982-1983
1981-1982 Dave Bishop 1980-1981
1979-1980 1978-1979

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