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If you would like stay in touch with Cambridge sailing windsurfing kitesurfing activities while you are studying or researching at Cambridge, please complete the form below. If you do so you will receive emails telling you about training opportunities, sailing windsurfing kitesurfing trips, team trials, events, social activities taking place in Cambridge and at Grafham Water, and opportunities being offered by our sponsors. You can opt out of our email list at any time – we publish a detailed Privacy Notice on this website.   N.B. No need to complete the form below if you have booked on a trip or event, or joined the Club – you will have been added to our lists automatically.

Because of our charitable status we can offer sailing windsurfing kitesurfing only to students (postgraduate as well as undergraduate) of non-commercial universities and colleges.   Postdocs and others are very welcome in the Club as trainers and helpers. Students must be 18 years of age or older. Students not at Cambridge University must be full-time; in addition, they are not eligible to sail on student teams representing Cambridge University. All fields on the form are required.

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Use 9999 if you are a Postdoc or similar and your departure date is uncertain.

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