Officer Roles

This page summarises the roles of the Club’s various officers. As well as providing general information, these definitions will be a help to anyone contemplating standing for a role in annual Club elections.

President Responsibilities

  •  Head of the Club with overall responsibility for all activities.
  • Represents the Club to external organisations.
  • Normally delegates responsibility for chairing meetings to the Commodore.

Commodore Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the operational organisation of the Club.
  • Ensure efficient day-to-day running of activities and requisite coordination between sections.
  • Ensure officers have access to Google Drive documents and website.
  • Ensure adequate organisation of Sports Fair and Freshers Fair.
  • Call termly General Committee meetings.
  • Call the Annual Student Members Meeting.
  • Produce the annual Commodore’s Report.

Senior Treasurer Responsibilities

  • Act in accordance with the regulations of the University and Sports Service for clubs and societies.
  • Represent the Club to the University.
  • Prepare annual accounts for presentation to the Sports Service and to the Club AGM.
  • Oversee the general financial administration of the Club.

Senior Secretary Responsibilities

  • Prepare agendas for committee and general meetings of the Club, and minute such meetings – seeing that agreed actions are progressed.
  • Ensure that a General Committee meeting takes place each term.
  • Ensure that the Annual General Meeting (November) and the Annual Student Members Meeting (May) are advertised in good time.
  • Ensure that the website is updated with new officer names at the appropriate times.
  • Assist the Commodore in the annual registration of the Club with the Sports Service.
  • Assist the Commodore in coordinating start-of-term activities in September/October.
  • Organise the annual Senior Advisory Committee Meeting (January, London).
  • Make an annual deposit of the Commodore’s Report, meeting minutes, and any other relevant documents at the University Archives.
  • See that incoming H&S and Welfare Officers, and Bosuns, accept their responsibilities via an email – and also review the documents they are responsible for, formally recording such review.
  • See that trophies are appropriately engraved.
  • See that the Commodore’s Report is prepared and uploaded to the website
  • Coordinate the activities of the Assistant Senior Secretary, Alumni Administrator, and Webmaster.

Senior Committee Members Responsibilities

  • Assist in the maintenance of continuity in all Club matters.
  • Ensure adequate representation of all sailing disciplines on the General Committee.

Vice Commodore Team Racing Responsibilities

  • Team captain of Team and Match Racing.
  • Responsible for the proper running of the Team Racing Section.
  • Authorise all Club activities within the Team Racing Section.
  • Arrange team racing trials early in the Michaelmas term.
  • Select teams and arrange training sessions.

Womens Captain Responsibilities

  • Team captain of womens team racing.
  • Select the team for the RYA/BUSA Womens National Team Racing Championships.
  • Select the womens team for the Varsity Match.
  • Arrange training sessions.

Vice Commodore Windsurfing Responsibilities

  • Team captain of Windsurfing.
  • Responsible for the proper running of the Windsurfing Section.
  • Authorise all Club activities within the Windsurfing Section.
  • Oversee arrangements for windsurfing taster sessions and windsurfing trips.
  • Select and train the Varsity Match team.

Rear Commodore Dinghy Sailing Responsibilities

  • Team captain of Dinghy Sailing and Fleet Racing.
  • Responsible for the proper running of the Dinghy Sailing Section.
  • Promote RYA dinghy training for beginners.
  • Authorise all Club activities within the Dinghy Sailing Section.

Junior Secretary Responsibilities

  • Ensure that website membership pages are accurate and up to date.
  • Encourage last year’s members to re-join and help with October recruitment.
  • Maintain membership records, downloading data from the website and validating member data each January.
  • Manage member communications in general.
  • Send lists of trip participants and monthly lists of members to the Sports Service for personal accident insurance.
  • Prepare a list of departing members and former members for the Alumni Administrator each May/June.
  • Deputise for the Senior Secretary at meetings.
  • Arrange for such publication of General Committee decisions as is appropriate.

Junior Treasurer Responsibilities

  • Maintain a management budget (Financial Position Statement) for the Club.
  • Manage the Club’s PayPal facilities, informing Treasurers of the make-up of any amounts transferred to them.
  • Assist the Senior Treasurer in the preparation of the Club’s annual accounts.
  • Prepare the Support Funds annual accounts and arrange for their publication on the website.

Team Racing Treasurer Responsibilities

  • Maintain an accurate account of all student sailing-related transactions.
  • Supply requisite information to the Junior Treasurer so that they can maintain the Club’s Financial Position Statement.
  • Close off the old workbook and set up the new on 1st August so that summer transactions are covered.
  • Maintain good control over sailor debts, raising late payment charges when necessary.
  • Work with the Junior Treasurer in May to decide how much money can be allocated to event entry assistance – and allocate it in June.

Publicity Officer Responsibilities

  • Responsible for all Club publicity, including web and social media (particularly pre-Michaelmas Term publicity in all student publications).
  • Email market the Club and its activities to students.
  • Assist the Webmaster in adding news items to the website.
  • Maintain the XML file of website email forwarding rules (to appropriate officers).
  • Ensure that social media and website are geared towards October recruitment from mid-August onwards.
  • October recruitment of new members demands major activity (‘Interested’ follow-up, Taster, Squash, RYA Training, etc.).
  • Maintain the Club’s marketing database with trip participants, new members, plus Sports Fair, Freshers Fair, and online sign-ups.
  • Action student unsubscribe requests throughout the year.

Health & Safety Officer Responsibilities

  • To oversee the safety of all Club activities, delegating actions and supporting officers and committee members as required.
  • To work closely with the Club Commodore, Bosun, Training Officer, and section heads to ensure all aspects of safety are covered in the day-to-day running of the Club.
  • To work closely with the Grafham Water SC Chief Safety Officer, ensuring a two-way exchange of any alterations to procedures or documentation by either club.
  • To compile risk assessments for general sessions at Grafham Water SC and events hosted at Grafham and elsewhere – and to ensure standards are adhered to on away trips.
  • To attend any relevant University of Cambridge training and briefings on behalf of the Club.
  • To send out pertinent safety and emergency procedure documentation to all active members at the start of each year.
  • To approach any individuals who may be Trip Leader throughout the year to check they have read and fully understand all policies and procedures.
  • Maintain a list of sailors away from Cambridge overnight during term.

Welfare Officer Responsibilities

  • To be a known point of contact for all members with welfare concerns, during Club activities within and without Cambridge.
  • To complete University of Cambridge Welfare Training once per year, as a minimum.
  • To work closely with the Club Commodore, team captains and Senior Treasurer (or other senior person designated by him) as appropriate.
  • To signpost welfare resources, services and trained individuals – dependent on the situation – in Colleges, the University, and the wider community.
  • To oversee social activity within the club, working with the Health & Safety Officer to maintain a positive and welcoming environment for all club members at all times.

Alumni Administrator Responsibilities

  • Maintain a list of Alumni Supporters of the Club.
  • Maintain contact with alumni via regular email newsletters.
  • Maintain liaison with CUDAR re gift arrangements and the change of alumni standing orders to direct debits.
  • Organise an Alumni telephoning campaign annually in January.
  • Each May/June make arrangements with the Junior Secretary for a list of departing members and former members – to approach and add to the Alumni Supporters list.
  • Annually reconcile standing orders received with the Alumni Supporters list of expected orders, while such orders are in force.
  • Send alumni gift income details to the Junior Treasurer so that they can prepare Support Fund accounts.
  • Send the annual Gift Aid Schedule to the Senior Treasurer so that they can claim Gift Aid.
  • Ensure that that the Support Funds page on the website is updated with the latest annual Support Fund accounts.
  • Every 5 years cleanse the Alumni Supporters list data.

Webmaster Responsibilities

  • Maintain the Club’s website and such other web facilities that the Club shall use – excluding social media.
  • Maintain liaison with the Publicity Officer, team captains, and others for news and photographs of events.
  • Create posts of event results as required.
  • Update website plugins on a weekly basis.
  • Handle monthly website backups.
  • Carry out a quarterly audit of the website for broken links, Google issues, etc., and optimise the database.
  • Update the Twenty Sixteen theme and WordPress core as required.
  • Delete old ‘order’ data for membership and trips each July and cancel current memberships.
  • Delete posts older than 4 years each January, along with associated photos. Also index names appearing in gallery photos for current year.
  • Produce annual statistics of website activity each January.

Assistant Senior Secretary Responsibilities

  • Give such assistance to the Senior Secretary, the Senior and Junior Treasurers, and the Publicity Officer as they may request.
  • Assist the Publicity Officer with the Club’s October emailing campaigns.
  • Follow up taster participants to get comments.
  • Advise colleges of their students sailing successes on a termly basis.
  • Advise colleges of Cuppers arrangements.
  • Issue a June ‘farewell’ to non-members who are going down.