Alumni Information


Alumni Supporter status is open to any person who has a connection with the University or the Club, is no longer a student, and remains interested in Cambridge sailing or windsurfing. There is no ‘supporter’ fee, but we hope that you will contribute to the Boat and Board Fund. The scope of this fund is explained on the Boat/Board Fund page.

Register Your Interest – Make a Gift if You Wish

To register as a supporter, please download an application form, print it out, and send it to the address specified on the form. Otherwise use the quick online (alumni) sign-up form on the Contact Us page.

If you do not use the downloadable form to set up a standing order, you can very easily make a gift to the Club using our Sailing and Windsurfing page on the Cambridge philanthropy website. We will be automatically notified of your payment, but please make sure we have your up-to-date details.

Otherwise, particularly if you are an older alumnus, you might like to make a bequest – or consider the very tax-efficient step of donating shares.

Benefits of Being an Alumni Supporter

As an Alumni Supporter, as well as having the satisfaction of contributing to the continuing success of sailing and surfing at Cambridge, which you enjoyed yourself, you will receive the following benefits and privileges.

  • A regular email newsletter keeping you in touch with student as well as alumni activities.
  • An invitation to an annual social event in London – usually a drinks party.
  • An invitation to the annual summer Varsity Match Dinner at a coastal location, in early July.
  • An opportunity to participate in the early October Generations Team Racing Event at Farmoor, sponsored by the Oxford & Cambridge Sailing Society, where Oxford and Cambridge teams from each decade battle it out under a legendary and mysterious handicapping system.
  • The ability to keep up to date with breaking alumni, student, and CUCrC news on this website.


Supporting Cambridge Sailing and Surfing

The increasing pressures of ‘professional’ sailing and surfing mean that complete dedication and good equipment is needed to achieve success at the top. Team Racing training at Cambridge is rigorous, taking place several times a week, and each term is filled with a programme of top-flight invitational team racing events. Fleet Racing, Dinghy Sailing, Windsurfing, and Kitesurfing have a similar rigorous approach; Yachting has been a separate Club since 2013.

A flight of six new Fireflies with sails, storm sails, covers, and other gear currently costs around £45,000, requiring an income of £10,000 a year to enable replacement every six years (allowing for resale value). Surfing boards, rigs, and kites also wear out and have to be replaced regularly!

Support the CUCrC so that sailors like those below can continue to excel at the national level. Download an alumni gift form and join now!   Otherwise, please consider making a gift using our page on the University philanthropy website, or donating shares as explained above, or making a bequest.

Cambridge team racers (the guys in boat 1), on their way to a second BUSA win in succession, prepare to gybe with a Southampton boat well trapped outside them
A Windsurfing session under way at Grafham
Photo of Firefly dinghies
A dinghy sailing taster session concludes at Grafham
Photo of surfing kite
Windsurfers fly the kite on Parkers Piece – for the Freshers Fair