Cam Cup 2024

24th February… Day one of the Cam Cup 2024 started with thick fog and no wind. Eventually a 2 knot breeze managed to blow the fog away and the four flights launched into beautiful sunshine.

However, hope was short-lived and one race consisting, primarily of reaches, was completed in a feeble, shifty breath of wind. Racing was abandoned when it was obvious there would be no respite from the drifty conditions.

Day two started sprightly and the armada of four flights launched excitedly only to shortly fall into a hiatus as thick fog rolled over the plains of Cambridgeshire. The fleets were corralled in the holding pen close to visible parts of the shoreline. Eventually, starting from race 9, the now bald Keith Sammons, with a committed Cambridge Uni team, stoically ran 80 HLS races amid sun and cloud.

The semis were delayed by a rather complex black flag hearing which determined the 3rd, 4th and 5th places of stage 1. It was finally resolved and the semis were able to get under way as the rain began to start. Both semis were settled 2-nil. The Petit finals were between the vigorous Rutland Raiders and Southampton. Rutland came from behind to take the third place 2:1.

The Finals saw the intriguingly named Cumberland Sausages cooked up against the Elmside Neighbours. With one win each, it looked like an event win for the Neighbours going into the last beat but then the Cumberland Sausages sizzled their way into the win and the Cam Cup!

More action from the Cam Cup 2024 in the photos below!

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