Cambridge gain Green Blue University Sailing Challenge Gold Award

Cambridge competed in the Green Blue University Sailing Challenge in 2023, gaining a Gold Award. Here’s what we did:

  • All junior members signed and adhere to a sustainability pledge.
  • We reviewed, expanded, and updated the sustainability information resources at Grafham Water Sailing Club.
  • We used our social media to publicise and spread information and resources about how to perform sailing sustainably.
  • We ensured that our kit purchasing was as sustainable as possible such as by asking suppliers to reduce plastic packaging and re-using as much as possible.
  • We gave a presentation to team members to inform them of all the information about sustainable sailing.
  • We encouraged the use of reusable water bottles both within the club and more widely via social media.
  • We performed clean, check, dry, on clothing and equipment we took to events and encouraged others to do this when coming to the Cam Cup.

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