Cam Cup – March 2023

The Cam Cup took place on the 4/5th March 2023 at Grafham Water. Unlike some previous events the weather was generally favourable. Day 1 brought good medium and stable wind conditions, albeit cloudy and overcast. The day ended with a 5 way tie for first place all on only 1 loss. Following a good day of racing it was time for the Cam Cup Dinner. The social, traditionally far more consistent than the sailing was a great success. Cambridge captain Olly Perkins entertained the guests. 

Day two brought a far less favourable forecast. The overcast somewhat chilly conditions remained, but the wind was replaced with lighter, unstable and shifty conditions. This meant a small delay to start as the wind filled in. We had to move directly into stage 2 to ensure that enough races could be sailed. It also meant a very difficult day for our PRO and course management team. They did an amazing job of keeping the course somewhat reasonable despite the large shifts in wind direction. Coming out of stage 2 were the Rutland Raiders with the 1 seed, Exeter Blue in second. With RTYC Blue in third and silver surfer Southampton Red in 4th. Both semi-finals were competitive, going to 3 races, with Exeter Blue and Rutland Raiders prevailing to progress through to the finals. Exeter Blue won the final 2-0 to become the 2023 Cam Cup champions. RTYC Blue clinched 3rd winning the petit final. Thus concluded another successful Cam Cup for 2023.

I would like to thank Oxford and Loughborough for flight hire and all of the helpers and hosts from CUCrC. Special thanks goes to Fiona Tylecote our PRO and the umpire team, and Keith and the rest of the Ksail team for the results service, without them the event would not be possible.

Gordon Cogan Sivarajan

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