Cambridge Win at Brummie Boom – October 2022

Short report: Cambridge Red’s starting prowess was demonstrated at the Brummie Boom, where they won every race. Similar success was seen by Yellow (the thirds), who came a very respectable 5th, a great achievement for a team which was the first team racing event helming or crewing for all of them. 

Photo of Cambridge University Red Sailing Team at the Brummie Boom November 2022
Cambridge Red, winners of the Brummie Boom : Tim Hire, Gordon Cogan Sivarajan, Robbie McDonald (cast), Luke Bligh, Hannah Cox, David Preece
Six members of Cambridge Yellow sailing team at the Brummie Boom 2022
Cambridge Yellow: Jenny Jiang, Yashila Bordag, Ollie Dennis (capt), Charlotte Rudd, Claudia Bazyk, Ellen Morley

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