Cambridge Beige at the 2022 Imperial Icicle – February 2022

Captain Paul McMeekin reports on the 2022 Imperial Icicle:

Cambridge Beige headed to Wembley on the 12th/13th February for the 2022 Imperial Icicle. This was the first team racing event for the majority of the team. Our main aim was to get some good racing in the breezy conditions. Over the weekend, Imperial managed to run around 130 races. As an additional challenge we didn’t have a full team and had to rely on substitutes in different races. After an enjoyable two days racing Beige finished in Bronze league. A massive thank you to the Imperial sailors for putting on a great event!

2022 Imperial Icicle Photos

2022 Imperial Icicle team photo
Cambridge Beige Team at the Imperial Icicle:
Back row left to right: Karim (Imperial sub), Colin Krawchuk, Sam Martin, Zach Lyttle, Paul McMeekin
Front left to right: Emilia Johnson, Bella Biddle, Rosie Jones
Three Fireflies of the Cambridge Beige Team sail off the line at the 2022 Imperial Icicle
The Cambridge Beige Team in the pink boats get a good start off the line

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