Cambridge Green at the 2019 Loughborough Lemming

The 2019 Loughborough Lemming, held at Burton Sailing Club 30 Nov / 1 Dec, began relatively slowly for Cambridge Green. The first day of sailing was canned due to thick fog, and illness meant that only five members of the team could attend.

On the Sunday we redeemed ourselves! Danny O’Toole, helming at his first ever team racing event, sailed with crew Megan Redhead. Sam Martin helmed very well with a casual sailor from Loughborough. Ollie Dennis and Bella Biddle were able to get some good experience at the pin, winning several starts over the course of the weekend.

Together the team were able to pull off some impressive conversions against strong competition, demonstrating the team racing skills they had picked up in training. Overall we finished the 2019 Loughborough Lemming in 11th of 20 teams ranked by points.

Cambridge Team at Loughborough Lemming 2019
Cambridge sailors at the 2019 Loughborough Lemming L-R : Josh Ainley (sub crew from Loughborough), Megan Redhead, Bella Biddle, Ollie Dennis, Sam Martin, and Danny O’Toole

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