No Result in Sailing Cuppers 2019 – June 2019

There was no outcome in Cuppers 2019 due to lack of wind. Teams and people who appear in photographs are listed below.
Michael John Gifford, Bethan Matthew, Henry Morley, Piers Crowther, Coco Newton, Max Medhurst, Arthur Henderson

Something resembling summer returned for Sailing Cuppers 2019, held a Grafham on Tuesday 18th June. A distinct lack of wind throughout the day meant that no official outcome could be achieved, though a good many races were sailed. A ‘fun’ result was arrived at by holding drinking races after sufficient round robin races had been held to decide knockout stage participants. Here Robinson had the edge and finished ahead in a 4-way final against Christs, Jesus, and a mixed team of unknown composition.

The weather stayed dry for most of the day and the BBQ was as successful as ever. Many thanks to Sammi for her dedication to this aspect of proceedings. No windsurfing took place because of a lack of entries – something to be reversed for next year. Oxford was represented at Cuppers for the first time, with Exeter College participating. A big thank-you to Organiser Bethan Matthew and her team for putting on such an excellent event.

Photographs of Sailing Cuppers 2019

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