Cambridge in Action at the 2019 Wessex Warmer and Warwick Turtle – January 2019

Four Cambridge teams were in action at events during 26/27 January 2019, Blue and Black teams at the 2019 Wessex Warmer (Spinnaker SC, Ringwood) and  Purple and Beige teams at the 2019 Warwick Turtle (Draycote Water).

At the Turtle, six round were completed on Saturday, but there was no further racing on the Sunday, leaving Cambridge Purple winners on points, ahead of two teams from rivals Imperial College. Congratulations to Purple!

Meanwhile, Francis from Cambridge Beige comments on the 2019 Warwick Turtle:

Overall the day went as well as I could have hoped (aside from some embarking capsizes!). As you would expect, given we are a new team, half of our races were lost 4,5,6 to better teams (mostly at the start). But the other half of our races were competitive, and we did a fair amount of Team Racing! In our most exiting race (thanks to some incredible 2 boat mark traps by Niels) we managed to slow the race down down to almost rescue a very large 5,6 gap. By the final beat we were in a close 2,3,6 but unfortunately could not make the final conversion happen. We are looking forward to watching some more experienced teams as we help out at Qualifiers and the Cam Cup before our next event – the Imperial Icicle.

At the Warmer, plenty of races were sailed, in a two-stage format. Cambridge Blue made the Gold Fleet, but lost two nail-biting races on the Sunday. They finished 6th overall, winning 8/14 races, just behind arch-rivals Exeter on a tie-break.  Cambridge Black made the Silver Fleet after 6 wins on Saturday, going on to win both their races on Sunday.

Cambridge captain Paris Thomas comments on the 2019 Wessex Warmer:

It was a pretty windy event with very very gusty, shifty conditions.  We got in 12 races per team on the Saturday, which was very impressive race organisation. Unfortunately Sunday was a bit too windy and so the group stages were abandoned early on and the event went straight to semi finals.  Black won 8 of their 14 races and learned a lot about team racing in gusty, shifty conditions – good preparation for Qualifiers next weekend!

Cambridge Purple team for 2019 Warwick Turtle
Cambridge Purple, winners of the 2019 Warwick Turtle: Lucy Gates, Freddie Scott (Capt), Greg Sale, Holly MacAskill, Callum Farnden, Hugh Tomkins.
Cambridge Blue team for 2019 Wessex Warmer
Cambridge Blue, 6th overall at the Wessex Warmer 2019: Robbie King, Jules Welham, Jamie Webb, Michael Smith, Bethan Matthew, Alex Smallwood.
Cambridge Black team for 2019 Wessex Warmer
Cambridge Black, 10th overall at the Wessex Warmer 2019: Alex Baxter, Ollie Jagger, Paris Thomas (Capt), Nina Luckman, Laragh Harvey-Kelly, Henry Morley.
Cambridge eige team for 2019 Warwick Turtle
Cambridge Beige bend to the wind at the Warwick Turtle 2019: Sam Martin, Francis Pollock, Ed Keen, Niels van Fraasen, Molly Deshorgher, and Bella Biddle.

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