Lady Varsity Teams

Ladies Team Racing Data Acquisition

This page records the names of students who have sailed in the team racing Ladies Varsity Match from the present day back to the first match in 1958. Best endeavours from participants’ memories and research in the Club’s archives have been used to construct teams for the years of 1958 to 2011. Since 2012 an annual deposit of full team details and season’s results (the Commodore’s Report) has been made in the archives of the Club at the University Library (reference: SOC.103). The Commodore’s Report is also available online.

Data Details

The bare outcome of the match is recorded here for convenience. The location of, and score for, each match is recorded on the O&CSS website – so that this detailed information is available to both Universities.   Mixed teams are listed separately on this site, and that Mixed Teams page also records the current arrangements for awarding Colours and Blues to team members.


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Ladies teams from 2017 to date (normally three-a-side contests with one helm and two crew in each boat). Captain listed first if a helm, otherwise trios (lines) are alphabetic on helm name (first column).
Year Name and College (Helm) Name and College (Crew) Name and College (Crew)
2018 Anna Prescott (Magdalene-Capt)
2017 Rachel Tilley (Christs-Capt) Cat Wallace (Emmanuel) Karen Thomas (Lucy Cavendish)
Won Jemima Lawson (St Catharines) Helmi Burton-Papp (Emmanuel) Florence Gilks (St Johns)
Anna Prescott (Magdalene) Chloe Macaulay (Clare) Fiona Tait (St Catharines)

Ladies teams from 2012 (start of annual recording) to 2016. Captain listed first if a helm, otherwise trios are alphabetic on helm name (first column).
Year Name and College (Helm) Name and College (Crew) Name and College (Crew)
2016 Rachel Tilley (Christs-Capt) Daisy Baxter (Trinity Hall) Chloe Macaulay (Clare)
Won Anna Prescott (Magdalene) Hannah Bibby (Christs) Cat Wallace (Emmanuel)
2015 Hannah Bibby (Christs) Francine Counsell (Corpus-Capt) Rachel Tilley (Christs)
Lost Katie de Lange (Trinity) Helmi Burton-Papp (Emmanuel) Steph MacAulay (Emmanuel)
2014 Lilly Carlisle (Newnham) Francine Counsell (Corpus-Capt) Sarah McCuskee (Murray Ed)
Won Katie de Lange (Trinity) Sarah Lombard (Downing) Esther Sidebotham (Jesus)
2013 Honor Fell (Newnham) Sarah Lombard (Downing) Milly Stephens (Emmanuel-Capt)
Lost Fiona Hampshire (St Catharines) Francine Counsell (Corpus Christi) Esther Sidebotham (Jesus)
2012 Sarah Hughes (Queens-Capt) Francine Counsell (Corpus Christi) Dawn Wilkinson (Jesus)
Lost Fiona Hampshire (St Catharines) Rosie Finlinson (Homerton) Milly Stephens (Emmanuel)

Ladies teams from 1995 (start of two-a-side keel boat events with one helm and two crew) to 2011. Captain first, other names alphabetic. Where the year is underlined with asterisks, the names on each line are listed as helm, crew, crew.
Year Name and College Name and College Name and College
2011 Fiona Hampshire (St Catz-Capt) Lilly Carlisle (Newnham) Sarah Hughes (Queens)
**** Sarah Martin (Girton) Milly Stephens (Emmanuel) Dawn Wilkinson (Jesus)


2010 Sarah Martin (Girton) Clair Brunner (Jesus) Anya de Iongh (Corpus-Capt)
**** Fi Parkinson (Caius) Fiona Hampshire (St Catharines) Dawn Wilkinson (Jesus)


2009 Sarah Crossman (Queens-Capt) Hannah Brown (Churchill) Anya de Iongh (Corpus Christi)
**** Sarah Martin (Girton) Kat Ward (NH/ME) Frances Wensley (Magdalene)


2008 Emma Foster (Magdalene-Capt) Fi Parkinson (Caius) Jules Toynton (Caius)
**** Sarah Crossman (Queens) Frances Wensley (Magdalene) ?


2007 Kat Ward (NH/ME-Capt) Hester Robertson (Queens) Emma Foster (Magdalene)
**** Sarah Crossman (Queens) Francesca Lofts (ME/NH) Jessica Fleminger (Trinity)


2006 Sarah Chapman (Caius) Rosie Thornton (Sidney-Capt) Marta Lapsley (Sidney Sussex)
*** Kat Ward (NH/ME) Cat Gerrard (Jesus) Eddie Glennie (Caius)


2005 Bethan Carden (T Hall-Capt) Ellen Burgess (Downing) Megan Burrough (Pembroke)
Lost Sarah Chapman (Caius) Rachel Morris (Clare) Julia Rennie (Pembroke)
2004 Gemma Farrell (St Johns-Capt) Sarah Chapman (Caius) Rosie Thornton (Sidney Sussex)
**** Bethan Carden (Trinity Hall) Sarah Hill (Downing) Jo Lucas (Caius)
2003 Rachel Howe (NH/ME-Capt)
2002 Katie Hughes (St Johns-Capt) Sarah Brewer (NH/ME) Lara Morley (Newnham)
**** Annie Lush (Emmanuel) Jo Wightman ?
2001 Sarah Brewer(NH/ME-Capt)
2000 Ari Liddell (NH/ME-Capt) Sarah Brewer (NH/ME) Helen Farr (NH/ME)
Rachel Franks (Selwyn) Alison Hancock (Emmanuel) Anya Tremlett (Trinity Hall)
1999 Jo Sutcliffe (Emmanuel-Capt) Sarah Brewer (NH/ME) Helen Farr (NH/ME)
Rachel Franks (Selwyn) Ari Liddell (NH/ME) Anya Tremlett (Trinity Hall)
1998 Amy Morris (Peterhouse-Capt) Rosie Brown (Christs) Ari Liddell (NH/ME)
Lost Chantal Nicholson (Corpus Christi) Jo Sutcliffe (Emmanuel) Anya Tremlett (Trinity Hall)
1997 Lucy Davey (Girton-Capt) Rose Brown (Christs) Jayne Bubb (Magdalene)
Won Amy Morris (Peterhouse) Emma Evans (Peterhouse) Jo Sutcliffe (Emma)
1996 Katie Nurton (Christs-Capt) Zoe Ballantyne (Clare) Jayne Bubb (Magdalene)
Won Lucy Davey (Girton) Laurie Jamieson (NH/ME?)/Emma Evans? Annabel Simpson (-)
1995 Sarah Griffith (Kings) Zoe Ballantyne (Clare) Amy Bastow (Christs-Capt)
**** Katie Nurton (Christs) Lucy Davey (Girton) Emma Evans (Peterhouse)


Three-lady-helm dinghy teams in 1994 and earlier. Captain first, other names alphabetic except when the year is underlined with asterisks. In such instances the first line gives the helms and the second line their crews. The match was combined with the main event from 1993. Previously its location had alternated between Oxford and Cambridge, with the last ‘separate’ match being at Farmoor in 1992.
Year Name and College Name and College Name and College
1994 Katie Wilson (Newnhan-Capt) Sarah Griffith (Kings) Katie Nurton (Christs)
**** Amy Bastow (Christs) Lucy Davey (Girton) Claire Broadbent (St Johns)
1993 Helen Kerr (Downing-Capt) Sian Maddocks (Kings) Katie Wilson (Newnham)
**** Amy Bastow (Christs) Guin Hodges (Jesus) Claire Broadbent (St Johns)
1992 Sian Maddock (Kings-Capt) Helen Kerr (Downing) Louise Walker (Newnham)
**** Katie Wilson (Newnham) Anita Campion (St Catharines) Guin Hodges (Newnham)
1991 Sian Maddock (Kings) Emma Anderson Jane Worrallo (Girton)
**** Miranda Merron (Sidney Sx-Capt) Louise Walker (Newnham) Anita Campion (St Catharines)
1990 Liz Walker (NH/ME-Capt)
1989 Liz Walker (NH/ME-Capt)
1988 Amanda Best (Newnham-Capt) Claire Bethune (Corpus) Helena Pozniak (Queens)
**** Jill Metcalfe (Corpus) Liz Walker (NH/ME) ?
1987 Amanda Best (Newnham-Capt) Karen Allsop (Girton) Claire Bethune (Corpus)
**** Helena Pozniak (Queens) Jill Metcalfe (Corpus) Liz Walker (NH/ME)
1986 Jenny Fray (St Catharines-Capt) Karen Allsop (Girton) Amanda Best (Newnham)
Won Carolyn Mowat (Newnham) Bridget Roseveare Toni Stewart (Trinity)
1985 Jenny Pocock (Emmanuel-Capt) Wendy Barclay Jenny Fray (St Catharines)
Won Gillian Johnston Stephanie Pilkington Toni Stewart (Trinity)
1984 Helen Steers (Newnham-Capt) Jenny Pocock (Emmanuel) Sadie Wickens
Won Kate Cormie Catherine Goss Wendy Barclay
1983 Anna Stratton (Newnham-Capt) Helen Steers (Newnham)
1982 Becky Allott (Newnham-Capt)
1981 Sarah Howard (Trinity-Capt)
1980 Elizabeth Jory (Selwyn-Capt)
1979 Liz Hoyle (Sidney Sussex-Capt) Jill Dorsett (NH/ME) Elizabeth Jory (Selwyn)
Lost Lindsey Bibby (Churchill) Sarah Howard (Trinity) Bev Salt (Selwyn)
1978 Jill Dorsett (NH/ME-Capt) Sue Nadin (Kings) Liz Hoyle (Sidney Sussex)
*** Judith Roderick Liz Roseveare (Newnham) Elizabeth Jory (Selwyn)
1977 Mary Clarke (Newnham-Capt) Jill Dorsett (NH/ME) Sue Nadin (Kings)
*** Liz Roseveare (Newnham) Judith Roderick (Selwyn) Caroline Aston (Girton)
1976 Susanna Riviere (Churchill-Capt) Mary Clarke (Newnham) Anne Simon (Newnham)
*** Judith Smith Jane Holloway Melane Hocknell (Wolfson)
1975 Anne Simon (Newnham-Capt) V Sumner (Hughes Hall) Susanna Riviere (Churchill)
*** Liz Brooke-Smith (Newnham) V Hammerton (Girton) ? Winfield (-)
1974 Janet Phillips (NH/ME-Capt)
1973 Martha Langdon-Down (NH/ME-Capt) J Phillips K Pierce
*** J Harrison M Naylor H Middleton
1972 Martha Langdon-Down (NH/ME-Capt)
1971 Felicity Wilson (Newnham-Capt)
1970 Trottie Stewart (Girton-Capt)
1969 R Brook (Girton-Capt)
1968 G A Russell(Girton-Capt)
1967 E Troughton (Girton-Capt)
1966 Diane Golton (Newnham-Capt) Mary-Grace Feachem (Newnham)
1965 Celia Barratt (Newnham-Capt)
1964 Rona Bassett (Newnham-Capt)
1963 Elizabeth Cooper (Newnham-Capt)
1962 Jane Philpot (Newnham-Capt) Chris Bateman (Newnham) Gilly Dover (Girton)
1961 Daphne Fischer-Webb (N’ham-Capt) Chris Bateman (Newnham) Harriet Bullman (Newnham)
1960 Daphne Fischer-Webb (N’ham-Capt) Lisanne Bainbridge (Newnham) Harriet Bullman (Newnham)
1959 Sylvia Stephenson (N’ham-Capt)
1958 Hillary Fischer-Webb (N’ham-Capt) Norma Bassett (Newnham)