Historic Officers

Use the links below to access the lists of main Club officers. Only the history of current main positions is recorded here – some positions have come and gone over the years. Team Racing and Windsurfing Captains are recorded in their respective history sections. All the lists are in reverse date order – left to right and down.

Presidents – Senior Heads of the Club

Mike Hayles Churchill 2016-
Prof Ian Liddell St Johns 2008-2016 Graham Camm Magdalene 2002-2008
Prof Roger Needham St Johns 1995-2002 Chris Atkins Pembroke 1985-1995
Dick Tizzard Churchill 1981-1985 Col Ken Wylie St Johns 1970-1981
Sir Bryan Matthews Kings 1960-1970 Sir Geoffrey Taylor Trinity 1946-1960
H Yule Oldham Kings 1944-1946 Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch Jesus 1919-1944
H Porter Trinity 1913-1918 G B Finch Queens 1899-1913
Rev Henry Henn Trinity Hall 1893-1899 H Tarn Trinity Hall 1893

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Commodores, Vice Presidents, Vice Commodores, and Rear Commodores – Junior Heads of the Club

Prior to 1921 there was no annually-elected Junior Head of the Club. From 1921 to 1968 the title of the Junior Head was Rear Commodore; then, in 1968, it changed to Vice Commodore; then, after sections were established in 1986, it became Vice President; and finally, in 2005, it became Commodore. Liz Walker (now Hamilton) was the first lady to be Junior Head of the Club, serving as as Vice President for the two years 1988-90.

2018-2019 Jamie Webb Caius 2017-2018
George Hopes Corpus Christi 2016-2017 Bryan Ormond Pembroke 2015-2016
Tim Palmer St Catharines 2014-2015 Josh Flack Emmanuel 2013-2014
Honor Fell Newnham 2012-2013 Felix Danczak Homerton 2010-2012
Frances Wensley Magdalene 2008-2010 Eddie Glennie Caius 2007-2008
David Knight Fitzwilliam 2006-2007 Ed Clay St Johns 2005-2006
Chris Addison St Johns 2004-2005 George Harstn St Catharines 2003-2004
Rob Hoey Robinson 2002-2003 Andy Bramah Corpus 2001-2002
Tom Hebbert Caius 2000-2001 Rich Guy Emmanuel 1999-2000
Rob Sherrington Trinity 1998-1999 Archie Massey Pembroke 1997-1998
Mark Carleton Downing 1996-1997 Roger Douglas Emmanuel 1995-1996
Sarah Griffiths Kings 1994-1995 Jon James Caius 1993-1994
Nigel Masding St Johns 1992-1993 Anita Campion St Catharines 1991-1992
Ian Walker Downing 1990-1991 Liz Walker New Hall (Murray Edwards) 1988-1990
Keith Lyon Downing 1987-1988 Amer Affan Trinity 1986-1987
Peter Kennedy Robinson 1985-1986 Barry Parkin Downing 1984-1985
Julian Elwood Trinity 1983-1984 Roger Bickerstaff Kings 1982-1983
Howard Williams Queens 1981-1982 John Gilmore Kings 1980-1981
Roger Yeoman Corpus 1979-1980 Mark Struckett Selwyn 1978-1979
Bruce Burnett Corpus 1977-1978 Chris Atkins Pembroke 1976-1977
Mike Hoyle Sidney Sussex 1975-1976 Will Henderson Trinity 1974-1975
John Burke Trinity Hall 1973-1974 Phil Crebbin Magdalene 1972-1973
Bob Barker Fitzwilliam 1971-1972 Ricky Willows Clare 1970-1971
Roger Williams Trinity Hall 1969-1970 John Calvert Caius 1968-1969
Chris Brown Clare 1967-1968 Peter Dixon Corpus 1966-1967
Patrick Gifford Magdalene 1965-1966 Anthony Butler Clare 1964-1965
Richard Hermon Taylor St Johns 1963-1964 Peter Bainbridge Sidney Sussex 1962-1963
John Thompson Peterhouse 1961-1962 Jeremy Vines Emmanuel 1960-1961
Clive Sampson St Johns 1959-1960 Andrew Green Magdalene 1958-1959
Mike Prosser Trinity 1957-1958 Mike Pope Pembroke 1956-1957
George Edmond Caius 1955-1956 Mike Peacock Trinity 1954-1955
Brian Heron St Catharines 1953-1954 Jack Knights Downing 1952-1953
A G Baker Caius 1951-1952 C W Green Kings 1950-1951
J A Sampson Corpus 1949-1950 R R Coles Clare 1948-1949
W R Swann Kings 1947-1948 R G Frederick Trinity Hall 1945-1947
C H Griffith Trinity 1943-1945 B H Coleman Jesus 1942-1943
P R Masters Pembroke 1941-1942 G F Deakin Pembroke 1941-1941
W J Hotblack Sidney Sussex 1940-1941 Charles Nance Clare 1939-1940
James Blewitt Trinity 1938-1939 Ben Everton Jones Downing 1937-1938
J F Paxton Pembroke 1935-1937 W B de Quincey St Johns 1934-1935
John Winter Trinity 1932-1934 Sir J N Nicholson Bt Trinity 1931-1932
T H Scott Clare 1930-1931 Stewart Morris Trinity 1929-1930
Frank Usborne Clare 1928-1929 G C Tozer Trinity 1927-1928
J W Kettlewell Pembroke 1926-1927 H R Rogers Trinity 1925-1926
W D Smellie Kings 1924-1925 W de L Winter Trinity 1923-1924
G P Chandler Trinity 1922-1923 C S Leaf Trinity 1921-1922

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Senior Treasurers

Frank Tietze University 2017- Tom Ridgman Wolfson 2003-1017
Michael John Gifford Caius 2000-2003 Prof Malcolm Mackley Robinson 1985-2000
Andrew Tristram Churchill 1983-1985 Brian Ralph Jesus 1982-1983
Andrew Tristram Churchill 1976-1982 Brig M L Crosthwait Darwin 1969-1976
Dick Tizard Churchill 1963-1969 Col Ken Wylie St Johns 1960-1963
H O Carter-Jonas St Johns 1957-1960 D N Harper St Johns 1952-1957
H J Pye St Johns 1946-1952 E T Spooner Clare 1944-1946
E E Benest Caius 1942-1944 R S Mamber Trinity 1941-1942
H Yule Oldham Kings 1903-1941 C J Cave Trinity 1902-1903
H H Brindley St Johns 1894-1902 O H Hanson Trinity 1893-1894

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Senior Secretaries

Anthony Butler Clare 2011-
Jim Downing Peterhouse 2001-2011 Jeremy Johnson Christs 1995-2001
Liz Walker New Hall (Murray Edwards) 1992-1995 Inger Eade Sec Sidney Sussex 1981-1992
Tim Owen Churchill 1978-1981 Ricky Willows Clare 1977-1978
John Burke Trinity Hall 1974-1977 David Marples Trinity Hall 1969-1974
Jeff Coope Pembroke 1965-1969 Roger Needham St Johns 1964-1965
Anthony Roberts St Catharines 1962-1964 Roger Needham St Johns 1957-1962
J W Oatley Trinity 1956-1957 P G Spens Corpus 1947-1956
David Hinks Trinity 1946-1947 B F Hounsell Dammers Pembroke 1940-1946
David Hinks Trinity 1937-1940 W de Winter Trinity 1927-1937
Edgar Adams Downing 1903-1926 As per Treasurers (Combined role) 1893-1903

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