Cambridge Take Both Varsity Matches – July 2018

Cambridge won both Oxford Cambridge team racing Varsity Matches held at Weymouth in the National Sailing Academy’s Elliot 6M boats on 6-8 July. The Mixed score was 4-0 and the Ladies score was 4-1. A full report plus a gallery of photographs is on the O&CSS website.   Two informal photographs follow below.

Foreground (left to right): Greg Sale, Jamie Webb, Michael Smith. Background (left to right): Robbie King, Paris Thomas, Ollie Jagger, Alex Smallwood, Henry Morley, George Hopes
Holly MacAskill, Bethan Matthew, Fiona Tait, Penny Weiser, Anna Prescott, Jemima Lawson, Jules Welham, Karen Thomas, Chloe Macaulay

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