Windsurfing Girton Store Cleared – January 2018


A major exercise to rationalise our use of the Chivers Girton Store 2018 has been completed. A big thank you to all student and senior members who contributed to the effort. Work started last June (See Great Girton Gala) and continued this past Michaelmas term. Jeremy Johnson completed the task over the Christmas break.

Good homes were found for most of the surplus kit, as follows.

  • Six surplus shortboards went to Oxford, where windsurfing is somewhat weak at the moment.
  • Four IMCO longboards, three shortboards, plus four old booms and sails went to a North London charity for disadvantaged children.
  • All the rest of the boards (that would otherwise have gone to the local dump), the old boat-trailer, the remaining kayak, the mini-punt-thing, and a stack of old sails and booms went to an Essex-based charity that teaches stand up paddle boarding to kids – and needs smallish boards for them to practice balancing.

We are now in a position where we can effectively manage our stock of boards, rigs, and gear. We will be able to schedule repairs where needed, as well as seeing what needs to be replaced. We will also be able to get a clear picture of gaps in our inventory that need to be filled in.

Photo of store entrance for Girton Store 2018
Surplus boards and rigs awaiting collection at the entrance to the Girton Store
View inside for Girton Store 2018
Panoramic view of the store showing the cleared area – and the good many boards being retained

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