Great Girton Gala – June 2017

Monday 12 June was D-Day for the great assault on the Girton Store where countless years of windsurfing boards and gear have accumulated, along with one very sad and battered wooden Firefly that was given an honourable discharge.

A combined team of sailors and windsurfers worked hard throughout the day, deciding what boards were worth keeping and cataloguing the large inventory of windsurfing rigs that the Club possesses. One major run to the Milton Recycling Centre was made; a contractor will probably be required to dispose of surplus boards.

The long term aim is to have a more manageable inventory of boards and rigs, differentiated according to the current main activities of the Club’s windsurfers.

This is just the start – there is a lot more to come …

Captains David (Incoming) and Helen (Outgoing) and Monica start sorting windsurfing rigs

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