The CUCrC was formed on 20th May 1893 and organises Team Racing, Dinghy Sailing, and Windsurfing - for members of Cambridge University and others associated with the University and with Cambridge. It also sponsors an alumni network that maintains a news website and organises regular social events for sailors no longer in residence. Yachting (big boat stuff), formerly a section of the Club, is catered for by the Cambridge University Yacht Club (opens in a new window).

A quick summary of what each section of the Club offers will be found on the Section Summaries page. Information on joining will be found on the How to Join page. Use the graphic links on the Home page to access individual section websites. A brief history of the Club, its Officers, and its trophies will be found on the History page. All the Club's important policies, particularly those associated with Health & Safety, Welfare, Conduct, and Sports Discipline, are summarised on the Club Policies page.

Club Sections and General Committee

Each section of the Club, other than the Alumni Section, is run by Cambridge University students. The head of a section is titled Vice Commodore and can be contacted via the email links below. The other student officers of each section are listed after the General Committee block below and can be contacted via their email links. Section websites can be accessed via the graphic links on the Home page. Sections hold their officer elections during the Easter Term or at the end of the Lent Term.

Overall coordination of the Club is maintained by the General Committee, whose members can be contacted via the email links below. The General Committee meets at least once a term to discuss matters arising from section meetings and consider important business such as proposals for substantial expenditure. The General Committee has some older members who facilitate continuity and ensure that the Club's finances remain secure in the long term as well as generating much-needed income. The senior officers and members of the General Committee are elected at the Club's Annual General Meeting towards the end of the Michaelmas Term. The junior officers are elected at an Annual Student Members Meeting during the Easter Term.

Mike Hayles
Jamie Webb
Tom Ridgman
Senior Treasurer
Anthony Butler
Senior Secretary & Alumni Administrator
Jeremy Johnson
Senior Member
Michael John Gifford
Senior Member
Cat Wallace
Vice Commodore Team Racing
David Fischer
Vice Commodore Windsurfing
Paris Thomas
Rear Commodore Dinghy Sailing
John Clay
Junior Treasurer
Greg Sale
Junior Secretary
Michael Smith
Social Secretary

Current Section Officers

The activities of the Club's sailing sections are run by the people listed below. Graduates assisting with the running of the Alumni Section are listed on the alumni website Contact Us page - opens in a new window.

Team Racing and Dinghy Sailing Officers Windsurfing Officers

Other Club Officers and Committee

  • Trustees: Patrick Gifford, Julia Gore-Randall, Eddie Lister, Jo Lucas
  • Senior Advisory Committee: President, Commodore, Senior Officers, Senior General Committee Members, Trustees, Honor Fell
  • Investment Committee: Patrick Gifford, Nigel Masding, Roger Squire, Roger Yeoman