All About Cambridge Kitesurfing

Who We Are

Welcome to the home of Cambridge Kitesurfing.   We are a newly formed section of the CU Cruising Club with a passion for kitesurfing.   Interested?   See below for more information, including how to get involved.   Not interested?   The video below may change your mind …   Got a car?   Then we really need you to help with transport because kitesurfing cannot take place at our normal (Grafham Water) sailing and windsurfing venue.   So we head for the coast at Hunstanton and other places to have our kitesurfing fun.

What is kitesurfing?

A kitesurfer uses the power of the wind on a kite to propel themselves across the water on a small board. Once they have mastered the basics, kitesurfers progress onto jumping and other tricks in a wide variety of conditions. More details can be found at the British Kitesports website.

Photo of kitesurfer for Cambridge kitesurfing
Past Kitesurfing Captain Matt Ashman goes airborne in the company of some friends
What Cambridge Kitesurfing Does

Throughout the coming year, Cambridge Kitesurfing plans to organise trips to various points along the beautiful British coast. Grafham Water, where sailing and windsurfing take place, is not a suitable location for kitesurfing because of its shoreline. Beyond kitesurfing we will be hosting regular socials and swaps alongside Windsurfing and the other sections of the CUCrC. These guys are fun – just take a look at the Windsurfing page on this site.

In the Easter holidays Cambridge and Oxford Windsurfing lay down their differences and unite for trip abroad. We plan to get in on the action because the trip now accommodates kitesurfers. Further details will be sent to everyone who has registered an interest in kitesurfing on the Get in Touch page of this site.

What if I’m a beginner?

Because we are a new section of the CUCrC, we cannot this year offer training or equipment for beginners. However, if you cannot wait to get yourself on a board, feel free to contact our Captain. You will find his details on the Club Officers page of this site. He’ll be more than happy to provide advice on the best places to learn. He can also suggest what equipment to buy, and answer any other questions you may have.

How to get involved?

The best way to keep in touch with our activities is register your interest on the Get in Touch page of this site. Make sure to look out for us at the CUCrC stands at the Freshers’ Fair. Be sure to find out there where and when the Squash is!