Data Protection

General Marketing

The Club records, on its Marketing Database, the name, email address, college, expected year of departure, and specific interests (sailing, windsurfing, etc.) of everyone who expresses an interest in the Club, online or at a Freshers Fair, or who takes part in some Club activity. The generic activity involved is also recorded. This summary information is deleted when a person departs from Cambridge, or when they request they be removed from the Club’s database.

Freshers Fair

The Club records data about a good many students at the Freshers Fair, who express an interest in the Club. The sign-up form incorporates the following Data Protection explanation: “Record of Interest – We will add your details to our database and use it to contact you about membership, events, and club news while you are at Cambridge.”

Participant Data

Additional information is maintained on other databases for people who sign up for a trip or join the Club: University status; telephone number; year of arrival; level of competence; medical conditions; emergency contact details; car registration; summary of experience; and RYA certificates held are examples of the data maintained. A printed list of members is deposited each year in the club archives at the University Library (ref: SOC.103). Member and past member data is retained by the Club until the person ceases to be a student. The additional information for trip participants is deleted when they leave Cambridge or cease to be a student, or when they request they be removed from the Club’s database.


You are in control. If you have any queries, wish to restrict data processing or sharing, including the use of your data for Club marketing, or do not want to be contacted by the Club, please inform us. Your personal details are used by the Club only for communicating with you; they are never used for ‘third party’ purposes.
We will publish any changes we make to this data protection statement and, where appropriate, notify you by email. If you have any concerns about data protection or personal privacy, please contact the Senior Secretary, who acts as Data Controller for student data.

Photo of dinghies sailingDinghies and windsurfers enjoy their Taster Sessions at Grafham Water in the Michaelmas term.Photo of windsurfers