Club Officers

Cambridge Sailing, Windsurfing, Kitesurfing Officers

Students run the various sections of the Club, acting as Cambridge sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing officers. The head of a section is titled Vice Commodore and can be contacted via the email links below. The other officers of each section are listed after the General Committee block. However, if you just want to register your interest in hearing about the Club’s sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing activities, use the form on our Get In Touch page.

Overall coordination of the Club is maintained by the General Committee, whose members can be contacted via the email links below. The General Committee has some older members and sub-committees that facilitate continuity. They ensure that the Club’s finances remain secure in the long term and generate much-needed income.

General Committee
Mike Hayles
Greg Sale
Frank Tietze
Senior Treasurer
Anthony Butler
Senior Secretary & Alumni Administrator
Jeremy Johnson
Senior Member
Michael John Gifford
Senior Member
Paris Thomas
Vice Commodore Team Racing
Sipke Shaughnessy
Acting Vice Commodore Windsurfing
Holly MacAskill
Rear Commodore Dinghy Sailing
Freddie Scott
Junior Treasurer
Bethan Matthew
Junior Secretary
Michael Smith
Social Secretary

Health, Safety, Welfare
Karen Thomas
Club H&S Officer
Karen Thomas
Club Welfare Officer

Team Racing Officers 2018/19
Vice Commodore (and Team Captain) – Paris Thomas (Magdalene)
Ladies Captain – Cat Wallace (Emmanuel)
Treasurer – Oliver Jagger (Clare)
Secretary – Juliette Welham (Trinity)
Bosuns – Jamie Webb (Caius) and Oliver Jagger (Clare)
Social Secretaries – Hugh Tomkins (Queens) and Bethan Matthew (St Catharines)
Stash – Holly MacAskill (Queens) and Juliette Welham (Trinity)
Cam Cup Organiser – Hugh Tomkins (Queens)
Sponsorship & Alumni – Francis Treherne Pollock (St Johns)
Social Media & Web – Robbie King (Emmanuel)
2019 (102nd) Varsity Match Organiser – David Robertson (Jesus)
2020 International 420 Team Racing World Youth Championships Event Director – Hugh Tomkins (Queens)

Windsurfing & Kitesurfing Officers 2018/19
Acting Vice Commodore (and Team Captain) Windsurfing – Sipke Shaughnessy (St Johns)
Vice Commodore (and Team Captain) Kitesurfing – Matt Ashman (St Johns)
Treasurer – Matty Peacey (Clare)
Secretary, Social Secretary, Social Media, Web – Maddy Green (Murray Edwards)

Dinghy Sailing Officers 2018/19 (Dinghy sailing is currently part of team racing)
Rear Commodore Dinghy Sailing – Holly MacAskill (Queens)
Training Officer – Holly MacAskill (Queens)
Social Media & Web – Holly MacAskill (Queens)

Alumni Officers
The Alumni Administrator is the sole officer of the Alumni Section. Use the form on the Contact Us page to register your interest in alumni news and activities.

Other Club Officers and Committee

Trustees: Patrick Gifford, Julia Gore-Randall, Eddie Lister, Jo Lucas
Senior Advisory Committee: President, Commodore, Trustees, Senior Officers, Senior General Committee Members, Honor Fell
Investment Committee: Patrick Gifford, Nigel Masding, Roger Squire, Roger Yeoman

Photo of windsurfing party for Cambridge Sailing, Windsurfing, Kitesurfing Officers
Windsurfers enjoy the sun in Fuerteventura