Events & Items

We list on this page items such as the Cambridge sailing alumni tie and current alumni events. You can buy or book without creating an account, using credit card/PayPal payment arrangements. So just add the item you want to your basket and you will be taken to a checkout page. There you will find full payment and other instructions.

Club Tie

The Club tie is currently out of stock but is on order (Dec 2019). Bow ties will be available in the near future (early 2020).

The adjacent image shows the current club tie. It is a most attractive design. The tie costs just £19 including UK postage; £21 for overseas orders (which are sent by Air Mail). It is a top-quality production from The Tie Store and comes complete with a light blue lining. If you are UK-based just click on the ‘Buy Now’ button below and you will be taken straight to a checkout page. If no button appears ties are out of stock. Students should buy from team racing stash to save postage costs.

If you are ordering from overseas, please use these special overseas order arrangements.