Match Racing  

The bare outcome of each Match Racing Varsity Match is recorded here for convenience, along with team details. The location of, and score for, each match is recorded on the O&CSS website – so that this detailed information is available to both Universities.

Match racing teams from 2014 (start of annual recording) to date. The outcome is shown as W/L, etc. beneath the year – the first letter being the 1sts match outcome and the 2nd letter the 2nds match outcome.
Year Name and College (Helm) Name and College (Crew) Name and College (Crew) Name and College (Crew)
2017 Not Sailed
2016 Not Sailed
2015 Not Sailed
2014 Josh Flack (Emmanuel) Tim Gratton (St Catharines) Lisa McDanell (Itchenor) Hugo Sloper (Selwyn)
W/L Jack Davies (Fitzwilliam) Helmi Burton-Papp (Emmanuel) Izzy Fitzgerald (Itchenor) Harry Jones (?)