Cambridge Dominate BUSA But Lose Their Crown – April 2017

Cambridge dominated BUSA at West Kirby 4-6 April 2017, finishing 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, but conceding their crown 3-1 to Exeter, who have been arch-rivals throughout the season. Conditions were near-perfect for most of the event, though the first day was somewhat breezy, and the Manchester/Liverpool organising duo ran a superb championships, backed up by the unrivalled facilities of West Kirby. Congratulations to all the Cambridge teams – no other university has ever achieved such a performance. The result demonstrates the depth of sailing talent in the CUCrC – nurtured by the good facilities that alumni generosity has made possible.

Cambridge finished 1st, 3rd, and 5th in the Swiss League and all three teams made it to the semi finals, where Cambridge Black and Cambridge Purple battled each other for 3rd and 4th places, with Purple coming out on top. Exeter gave notice of their intentions by beating Cambridge Black convincingly in their semi final and then went on to take the first two races in the final. Cambridge Blue struck back in the third race to make the score 2-1, but Exeter refused to be dismayed and took the fourth race to prove worthy winners of BUSA 2017.

Congratulations and thanks to all who made such a memorable 61st BUSA possible: Liverpool and Manchester; West Kirby; Race Team; Umpires; Helpers; and Teams. Detailed results are available on the kSail website (opens in a new window). Other reports are available (opening in new windows): Yachts & Yachting (Day 1,   Day 2)


Photo of sailing
A close start with James Pinder and Jamie Webb (to windward) and Tim Gratton and George Hopes (to lee) squeezing two opposition boats

Photo of sailing
James Pinder and Jamie Webb keep a close eye on the opposition

Team Details
Cambridge Blue (2nd)Cambridge Purple (3rd)
James Pinder (Capt) and Jamie WebbAnna Prescott (Capt) and Michael Smith
Tim Gratton and George HopesHenry Morley and Fiona Tait
Hugo Sloper and Cat WallaceDuncan Hampshire and Dave Robertson
Cambridge Black (4th)
Josh Adams (Capt) and Chloe Macaulay
Thomas Maher and Helmi Burton-Papp
Jemima Lawson and Paris Thomas

Team photo
Cambridge Blue: Hugo Sloper, Jamie Webb, James Pinder, Cat Wallace, George Hopes, Tim Gratton

Team photo
Cambridge Purple: Duncan Hampshire, Anna Prescott, Fiona Tait, Dave Robertson, Michael Smith, Henry Morley

Team photo
Cambridge Black: Thomas Maher, Josh Adams, Paris Thomas, Helmi Burton-Papp, Jemima Lawson, Chloe Macaulay

One thought on “Cambridge Dominate BUSA But Lose Their Crown – April 2017”

  1. Many congratulations to all the team racers. It seems from the tweets that the finals against Exeter was a bit of a battle with many penalty turns. Anyway, I hope they all enjoyed it. A result of 2, 3, 4 overall is terrific and shows great strength in depth.

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