Cambridge Dominate Brummie Bender – November 2016

Cambridge Black convincingly won a one-race final against Cambridge Purple (formerly Yellow) in the Birmingham University Brummie Bender held at Bartly SC on 26/27 November 2016. Cambridge Beige also participated and gave a good account of themselves. Black came just behind Purple in the round robin, but turned the tables in the one-race final. Blue had a good week-end training against Royal Thames Blue (CUCrC Alumni).

Cambridge Black:
Josh Adams (Capt) and Chloe Macaulay
Thomas Maher and Helmi Burton-Papp
Jemima Lawson and Paris Thomas

Cambridge Purple:
Anna Prescott (Capt) and Michael Smith
Henry Morely and Fiona Tait
Duncan Hampshire and Dave Robertson

Cambridge Beige:
Greg Sale (Capt) and Paul Glade
Hugh Tomkins and Olly Jagger
Philip Binns and John Clay

Photo of winning team
Victorious Black: Jemima Lawson, Paris Thomas, Thomas Mather, Chloe Macaulay, Helmi Burton-Papp, Josh Adams

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