Cambridge Perform Competently at Oxford Magnum – November 2016

Cambridge Blue finished 5th and top university in a tough Oxford Magnum held at Farmoor Reservoir on 12/13 November 2016. Cambridge Black bounced back from a somewhat disappointing set of results on the Saturday to win all their races on the Sunday and head the Bronze league. Birdham Bandits won the final 3-0 against the Society, but every race was closely fought and only decided on the final short beat to the finish.

There were 10 university, 8 alumni, and 2 school teams in the total entry of 20, which was divided into Gold, Silver, and Bronze leagues for the final stages of the competition. Sailing was restricted by lack of wind on the Saturday, but Sunday more than made up for it with sunshine and a good breeze. Royal Thames Blue (Cambridge alumni) lost 1-2 to the Society in the semi finals. Detailed results are available on the kSail website (opens in a new window).

Cambridge Blue:
James Pinder (Capt) and Jamie Webb
Tim Gratton and George Hopes
Hugo Sloper and Cat Wallace

Cambridge Black:
Josh Adams (Capt) and Chloe Macaulay
Thomas Maher and Helmi Burton-Papp
Jemima Lawson and Paris Thomas

Royal Thames Blue (Cambridge Alumni):
Josh Flack (Capt) and Francine Counsell
Arthur Henderson and Lilly Carlisle
Sam Maxfield and Honor Fell

Photo of Cambridge Blue team
Cambridge Blue: George Hopes, Cat Wallace, James Pinder, Tim Gratton, Hugo Sloper, Jamie Webb

Photo of Cambridge Black team
Cambridge Black: Thomas Maher, Jemima Lawson, Chloe Macaulay, Helmi Burton-Papp, Paris Thomas, Josh Adams

Photo of Royal Thames Blue team
Royal Thames Blue (Back): Arthur Henderson, Josh Flack, Sam maxfield (Front): Lilly Carlisle, Francine Counsell, Honor Fell

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