Cambridge Finish 16th at Wilson – May 2016

Cambridge Blue finished 16th in a star-studded assembly of 30 teams for the Wilson Trophy at West Kirby 13-15 May 2016. The event was won 3-2 by West Kirby Hawks from Days of Thunder – USA. Cambridge Black won the Under 21 Trophy (see photo below), finishing in 20th position, and Yellow finished 25th; Oxford finished 30th.

Congratulations to everyone on an excellent performance in a very tough competition – particularly Blue who were without two of their BUSA-winning helms, but finished well on a bounce up. Black were unlucky to finish on a bounce down, but their overall performance ensured that Cambridge won the Youth Trophy for the second year running.

Alumni interests were represented by the Royal Thames Blue team, all Cambridge Alumni, who finished 7th – well done old boys (and girls)!

Cambridge Blue: Tim Gratton and Daisy Baxter, Hugo Sloper and Rachel Tilley, Will Reid and Cat Wallace

Cambridge Black: Bryan Ormond and Jamie Webb, James Pinder and Chloe Macaulay, Anna Prescott and Paris Thomas

Cambridge Yellow: Duncan Hampshire and Phillip Binns, Greg Sale and David Robertson, Henry Morley and George Hopes

Cambridge Alumni: Josh Flack and Francine Counsell, Arthur Henderson and Lilly Carlisle, Fiona Hampshire and Honor Fell

Photo of team Black
Happy Black collect their Under 21 Trophy and prizes: West Kirby, Chloe Macaulay, Jamie Reid, James Pinder, Paris Thomas, Anna Prescott, Bryan Ormond

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