Cambridge Pink Storm Through to BUSA Finals – March 2015

Cambridge Pink has stormed through to the BUSA Finals (Notts County SC 9-11 April), dropping just one of their 14 races at the BUSA Playoffs held at Cardiff on 28 Feb/1 Mar 2015, and tying with Cardiff Black for top position. It was an exact repeat of last year, so now there are three Cambridge teams in the 2015 Finals (subject to BUSA ratification), just as last year: Blue, Yellow, and Pink. Well done Cambridge!

Triumphant Pink

Team Pink:
Bryan Ormond (Capt) and Esther Sidebotham
James Pinder and Helmi Burton-Papp
Josh Adams and George Hopes

Photo of students pushing a car
Forget the car – its on the water that speed counts!

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