1963 Memory Lane – February 2015

Some fascinating material of the Club’s life in the 1962/63 year has come to light from Mike Hayles archives. As well as a team race against Middle Nene in National 12s, there are several shots of Alphas sailing on the gravel pits at St Ives (long before Hunts SC moved there), in the first row of photographs below. The Alpha was Blossoms answer to the Firefly, but fibreglass construction was still a developing technology in the 1960s and the Alpha was not a success.

The second row of photographs comes from the Irish Tour of 1963, organised by Anthony Butler. It started in the North with matches against well-known Clubs such as Royal Ulster (won), Ballyholme (lost), East Antrim (won), Royal North of Ireland (won), Holywood (won), and Carrickfergus (lost). The action then moved to Dublin for the annual IDRA team racing championship (the Irish equivalent of West Kirby), and a great lunch in the the Guinness St James Gate Brewery – along with TCD and other visiting university teams.

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