CUCrC 125th Anniversary Celebrations – April 2018

The CUCrC held Cambridge 125th sailing anniversary celebrations in style on Saturday 21st April 2018 with a superb day of team racing at Grafham Water followed by an excellent dinner in Darwin College. The weather smiled on the whole weekend, with perfect conditions for sailing and excellent weather for the sightseeing many indulged in on the Sunday.

Sailing Event – Cambridge 125th Sailing Anniversary Celebrations

Twelve pairs entered the Cambridge 125th sailing anniversary celebrations Random Pairs event and had a feast of team racing under the guiding hands of Jo Lucas and Keith Sammons. Richard Thompson and Mark Struckett umpired the event, ably ensuring that there were no hard feelings after any incident. It was good to see one all girl pair (Sarah Sims/née Griffiths and Claire Horwood/née Broadbent) – and they left no less than two male and mixed pairs in their wake! At the end of the day Josh Flack and Milly Stephens were winners with James Pinder and Helmi Burton-Papp runners-up. Detailed results will be available for a time on the kSail website.

Social Event – Cambridge 125th Sailing Anniversary Celebrations

With the Cambridge 125th sailing anniversary celebrations team racing over, no less than 91 members headed to Darwin College for the Dinner. Darwin lived up to its reputation and an excellent evening was had by all, with an additional room being available for pre and post dinner drinks. President Mike Hayles sketched the success of the Club in recent years, playing tribute to the many people who have contributed to that success. Anthony Butler filled in details of the successes of the Club’s team members, and the company applauded the 14 student sailors present. You can view the full list of dinner attendees below.

Guest speaker Ian Walker judged the moment perfectly and entertained everyone with a witty and wide-ranging speech. He also outlined some of the challenges facing sailing – and himself as Director of Racing for the RYA.


A big thank you to everyone who helped during the Cambridge 125th sailing anniversary celebrations, particularly students. Even as this report is being penned, some are already sitting their engineering exams!   Ian Liddell lodged the winning bid for the Peter Scott painting – but others will have an opportunity to try in three years time.


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125th Dinner Attendees

40’s & 50’s

Jeremy Buckwell 1954
Gilda Buckwell
Julian Dimock 1953
Jeremy Vines 1958
Maxine Vines


Peter Bainbridge 1960
Midge Bainbridge
Chris Brown 1965
Anthony Butler 1961
Chris Cockcroft 1961
Kate Davis
Patrick Gifford 1963
Mary Gifford
Mike Hayles 1962
Monique Hayles
James Mehew 1966
Christine Mehew
Iain Macdonald-Smith 1964
Roger Palmer 1961
Barbara Palmer (Boot) 1961
Robin Pegna 1964
Bridget Pegna
Anthony Roberts 1961
Vivian Roberts
Martin Smith 1966
Sue Smith (Hunt) 1967
Mike Taylor-Jones 1961
Liz Taylor-Jones (Cooper) 1960
John Terry 1961
Jane Terry
Richard Thompson 1961
Peter Walker 1960
Tess Walker
Jocelyn Waller 1962
Tim Watt 1961


John Aston 1973 (GWSC Commodore)
David Black 1974
Nick Hartshorn 1971
Hannah Hartshorn
Malcolm Mackley 1979
Margaret Mackley
Mark Struckett 1976
Rachael Struckett


Michael Dunbar 1988
Chris Fox 1988
Sian Goodman (Maddock) 1989
Miranda Merron 1988
Ian Walker 1988 (Guest Speaker)


Ian Armstrong 1996
Clare Armstrong
Tim Baker 1994
Amy Bastow 1992
Zoe Ballantyne 1993
Graham Camm 1991
Mark Carleton 1994
Rosie Davey (Brown) 1996
Michael John Gifford 1997
Rich Guy 1997
Mark Hobbs 1991
Claire Horwood (Broadbent) 1991
Bruce Kavanagh 1992
Ari Liddell 1997
James McEwen 1994
Jo McEwen (Sutcliffe) 1996
Katie Nurton 1993
Sarah Sims (Griffith) 1992


Sarah Chapman 2003
Rob Dickinson
Julia Gore-Randall (Rennie) 2004
Tom Heywood 2004
David Knight 2003
Jo Lucas 2003 (PRO)
Keith Sammons (PRO)
Robbie MacDonald 2003
Hannah Brown (2007)
Rachel Morris 2004

Recent Graduates   /  
Current Students

Helmi Burton-Papp 2011
Chris Eames 2013
David Fischer 2014 (WS Captain)
Arthur Henderson 2011
George Hopes 2014
Oliver Jagger 2016
James Pinder 2013
Dave Robertson 2014
Michael Smith 2016
Rachel Tilley 2014
Hugh Tomkins 2016
Cat Wallace 2015 (TR Captain)
Chris Watts 2016
Katie Scott
Jamie Webb 2015 (CUCrC Commodore)

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