Cambridge Take Silver Again at BUSA – April 2018

Cambridge Blue, for the 5th year in succession, reached the final of the BUSA Team Racing 2018 Championships held 2-4 April at Strathclyde Loch, Glasgow. There, for the second year in succession, they finished Silver Medallists – this year to winners Southampton Green. Cambridge Black reached the quarter finals, the only 2nd university team to do so, losing out there to eventual winners Southampton Green and finishing 6th overall.

Cambridge Purple started out well, being in the top 10 at the end of the first day, but had a less happy ending – finishing 28th out of the 32 finals qualifiers, though ahead of the 3rd Southampton team.   (Southampton was the only other university to get three teams to the finals.)   Congratulations to all the teams on a fine performance, and to Glasgow for organising a great, if cold, BUSA.

Photo of Cambridge Blue team for BUSA Team Racing 2018
Runners-up Cambridge Blue: Robbie King, Jemima Lawson, Jules Welham, Cat Wallace, George Hopes, Henry Morley ©
Photo of Cambridge Black team for BUSA Team Racing 2018
Quarter finalists Cambridge Black: Jamie Webb, Anna Prescott, Karen Thomas, Paris Thomas, Michael Smith, Ollie Jagger

Photo of Cambridge Purple team for BUSA team racing 2018
Cambridge Purple (Top): Alex Smallwood, Bethan Matthew, Holly MacAskill (Bottom): John Clay, Greg Sale, Freddie Scott

Cambridge Blue Team For BUSA Team Racing 2018
Robbie King and Cat Wallace (Capt)
Jemima Lawson and George Hopes
Henry Morley and Jules Welham

Cambridge Black Team For BUSA Team Racing 2018
Anna Prescott (Capt) and Ollie Jagger
Jamie Webb and Michael Smith
Paris Thomas and Karen Thomas

Cambridge Purple Team For BUSA Team Racing 2018
Greg Sale (Capt) and Bethan Matthew
Alex Smallwood and John Clay
Holly MacAskill and Freddie Scott

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