Tom Ridgman Treasures His Last Committee Meeting – November 2017

Tom Ridgman (Wolfson 1997) attended his last CUCrC General Committee Meeting, held in St John’s Old Divinity School on Monday 20 November 2017. Tom has been Senior Treasurer of the Club since 2003 and his great contribution to the Club over the years was acknowledged with acclamation. He has seen the Club through many ‘interesting’ times, not the least being the separation of the Yachting Section to form the CU Yacht Club in 2013.

Tom expressed the pleasure it had been working with junior officers over the years (mostly good!) and that he had been pleased to help the Club. At the AGM on Tuesday 28th November Tom was unanimously elected an Honorary Life Member – to acclamation. Our best wishes go to Tom and his wife Valerie on his retirement from the Club, and from the Institute for Manufacturing next Summer.

Photo of committee in session
General Committee Prepares for Business: Mike Hayles, Tom Ridgman, Jeremy Johnson, Helen White, John Clay, Jamie Webb, Karen Thomas, Paris Thomas, Greg Sale

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