Kiel 1938 Regatta Prize

As well as the Cambridge sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing trophies listed here, the Club also has some trophies won, and artefacts acquired, over the years. The most notable is the Marine Hitler Jugend (Youth) plate won at Kiel in 1938 by J F Paxton and Brian D'Arcy-Irvine. A CUCrC team of Stewart Morris, J F Paxton (Seniors) and Brian D'Arcy-Irvine, John Blewitt, Michael Ellison, Keith George (Juniors) took part in the event.

Historic Officers

Use the links below to access the lists of Cambridge sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing historic officers. We only record the history of current main positions here, because some positions have come and gone over the years. Team Racing and Windsurfing Captains are recorded in their respective history sections. All the lists are in reverse date order - left to right and down.

Sir Peter Scott Painting

This page displays a photograph of the 80 x 50cm Cambridge sailing Sir Peter Scott painting of: "Dinghies racing on Lake Ontario". The CUCrC Annual Report of the time records Peter's gift of the painting in the Club's year of 1935/36. In 1934 a team of 4 UK International 14 dinghies and sailors, from Royal Norfolk & Suffolk YC, went to Toronto. There they sailed against teams from the Royal Canadian YC and Rochester YC, New York. The UK beat the US 3-0 and Canada 2-1 to take home the trophy. Canada beat the US 2-0 (one race being abandoned due to the time limit expiring). Peter Scott also won an open race for the Wilton Morse trophy in Eastlight. The series, which had started in 1933, went on to become an international biennial event.

Gosnell Cup Winners

The table below lists Cambridge sailing Gosnell Cup winners since the cup was first raced for in 1940. The cup has sometimes been called the Freshers Cup. It is a fine silver rose bowl with a wooden plinth. The cup was originally won outright by Ralph Gosnell in his 5 Rater at Tamesis SC in 1902. Mrs Gosnell presented the cup to the Club in 1939 for a new members race in memory of Ralph, who was her husband. Ralph had been Vice Commodore of the Club 1923-25 and 1936-39.

Photo Gallery

This Cambridge sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing historic photo gallery gallery contains team and other photos that have come from a wide variety of sources. They are presented in order of year from 1931 onwards. If you have a photo of a year that is missing, please take a mobile photo of it, or scan it, and sent it the the Webmaster.

Club History

Beginnings of Cambridge Sailing, Windsurfing, Kitesurfing History

Dons whose main interest was in cruising formed he CUCrC on 20th May 1893. They chose the name 'Cambridge Cruising Club' initially. This changed almost immediately, on 27 May 1893, to 'Cambridge University Yachting Society', and changed again, on 6 February 1894, to 'Cambridge University Cruising Club'. The Club paid little attention to undergraduates at first, unless they happened to own a large yacht. In spite of this, Club members were sailing Sharpies on the Ouse at St Ives by 1898/99. Around the same time the Committee was mentioning the need to: "bring the Club to the attention of freshmen". So commenced Cambridge sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing history.

Match Racing  

The bare outcome of each Match Racing Varsity Match is recorded here for convenience, along with team details. The location of, and score for, each match is recorded on the O&CSS website - so that this detailed information is available to both Universities.

Cuppers Winners

Historic results of the annual Cuppers (inter-college) windsurfing competition, now sailed during May Week, are tabled here. The date of the first Cuppers is not known, apart from it being in the 1990's, and records of early winners have been lost. The event was re-started in 2013 and the Brindley Cup awarded to the winner. Results since then are listed here, along with one known historic result.

Team Captains

This page lists the elected head of windsurfing since 1978 - head of the Windsurfing Section since sections were established in 1986. The title associated with the position has varied over the years. Since 2014/15 the formal title has been Vice Commodore, previously it was President. The informal title is Team Captain.